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  • OK.
  • I'm using it together with TreeStyleTabs and it has support for it, which kinda works. It opens each tab after a small delay, so restoring yesterday's session always takes a few seconds.
    Unfortunately, it only kinda works: sometimes random tabs are missing (may or may not spontaneusly reappear in the future), sometimes the tree structure is all fucked up in different ways, sometimes the opened extension page doesn't resolve to the tab it's supposed to be.
    I also have problems with trees mixing their subtabs and not being able to move them around, but I'm not sure how much of this is TreeStyleTab's problem.

    If you're looking for something that 60% of the time works every time, look no further.
  • Очень не хватает экспорта настроек дополнения
  • Thanks for the great plugin!
    Worked always flawlessly for me.
  • Don't worry too much about the low-ish rating. People lost one session (which was possible to get back) and they're too mad to read about how to fix it.
  • Ottima! Very useful! Thank youm 1mill!
  • We just need a dark mode
  • semplice e stabile. fa il suo lavoro.
  • Lost my tabs with the recent update.
    U may say "Once you install version 3.2.0, save the current session, then update to version 4.0.1 and restore it, you can load the page." but it doesn't help at all!!
    This problem was solved in version 4.1.0. Sorry for inconvenience.
  • Funktioniert wie es soll. Bin sehr zufrieden.
  • 裝很久了,每次打開就會全部網頁重跑然後瀏覽器自動關掉又重開。
  • Can we pls save to a different location our export session file? pls?
  • Replace with current session button should be faster to access. Otherwise great.