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  • Can we pls save to a different location our export session file? pls?
  • Replace with current session button should be faster to access. Otherwise great.
  • Facile da usare.
  • After i couldn't use the good old session manager from Michael Kraft even in FF ESR any more i was looking for an alternative. In TSM i can import my old sessions from SM. Overall it works well, although atm i don't like it quite as much as the old SM.
  • No problems. Thanks for the very useful addon.
  • I love this add-on (It saves me having over 450 tabs open all the time lol) - Thank you sienori :)
  • Seems to be a good idea for working with tabs - but needs a kind of "moz-extension" as its base and therefore slows down the whole system... not to mention that it looks and behaves just like the good old "Browser-Extensions" who did in fact re-directed every Search!!!
    Idea: very good - Realization, Performance & Trust-Factor: poor!
  • Very usefull and feature rich
  • As I sat beside my fancy library online (*cough* bunch of Firefox tabs *cough*), to my horror, all but the last bookshelf had vanished! All those HOURS curating the finest text that would tickle my brain... lost! Thanks Mozilla devs, for the timely updates.
    I was gutted. As I fumbled through solutions online on restoring my sessions, I couldn't find one that would bring back the tabs grouped the exact way this add-on had done. Then, I happened to be in my downloads folder. And there it sat, with a smug on it's face, the elusive BACKUP FOLDER from this wonderful Manager by ''sienori'' Awesome (I am sure that's your last name).
    In the rare few moments of productivity in the past, where I was playing with the settings, I had switched on the sessions backup option (DO IT!). After that it's just a simple click to import the session.
    Thanks dude/tte!
  • Eng: Good extension on the number of parameters available, very customizable. I enjoyed it in the past, but now after every update there is a corruption on the database and you know what? you loose everything (it seems to come from firefox according to the developer, weird that he still not found a way to get around this). What is the purpose of this extension? to backup your sessions, no? But apparently you can't.
    I'll go see if I can't find better, more stable.

    Fr: Bonne extension sur le nombre de paramètres disponibles, très personnalisable. Je l'ai apprécié par le passé, mais maintenant, après chaque mise à jour, il y a une corruption dans la base de données et vous savez quoi? vous perdez tout (selon le développeur cela vient de firefox, bizarre qu'il n'est toujours pas trouvé un moyen de contourner ça). Quel est le but de cette extension? sauvegarder vos sessions, non? Mais apparemment, vous ne pouvez pas.
    Je vais voir si je ne peux pas trouver mieux, plus stable.
  • Absolute life safer!
  • Works OK when used by itself, but fails dismally when using the "Tree Style Tab" plugin.
  • For years I used "Session Manager" but then I updated Firefox one day and got a message that it was not compatible that's when I found "Tab Session" by sienori. I have been using it for around 1 year? and it has worked great. There is a number of configuration options but no real complaints.
  • No issues, thx