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  • it does exactly what I expect
    Hi, thank you for the issue, an new version has been uploaded (0.4rc4).
    Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • The addon works perfectly but IMHO it lacks one option. I want to delete cookies from some sites forever with one option called as example Delete+blacklist or similar. Please try to add it to the extension and it will be perfect.
    Hi, an option to remove all cookies from the current context will be present on the next version.
    I am considering an improvement regarding the removal of cookies related to the page viewed.

    However, a finer management and (in my opinion) very well done via whitelist / blacklist can be found on the uMatrix addon that I advise you.
  • I em surprised< it is an app to have the full control about the cookies. Good job!
    Thank you :)
  • Cookie Quick Manager is a very complete cookie manager with an ergonomic user interface. Unlike other addOns, it allows you to edit, backup, restore cookies, search them by domain names and so on. This addOn is perfect for who has a clue of what he/she is doing and is not only looking for a "delete all cookies" button.
    The developer is also attentive to his users.
    Great work, carry on!
    Thank you for your encouraging review :)
  • Great add-on, everything works as advertised, developer is ready to help everyone - even those who never read description text. Great work, thanks for sharing.
    Thank you for your message this is encouraging :)
  • Initially promissing but just flat out stops working after a while. I add a cookie correctly for the domain (both dotted and not dotted, tried both ways), enter name and value, enter path '/', check the session checkbox. I expect the cookie to be sent to the domain with requests. It doesn't get sent. After a while it disappears, i.e. the search can no longer find it.
    Promising but broken.

    EDIT to reply to the add-on's author's response:

    I know when cookies can be refreshed. The site in question is one I am developing, and the cookie is neither interacted with on the client side, nor ever set by the server; it's just a flag to enable certain debugging functionality and it used to be a GET param but we decided to switch to a cookie and use an add-on like yours to set it whenever we need.
    Unfortunately I don't have time to debug your add-on, I simply need one that JustWorks™, and in fact I found one.
    Hi your feedback is interesting;

    Nevertheless, I use this addon frequently and to my knowledge the use case you mention is functional...
    However, no project is immune to a bug and you should create an issue on the project submission so that we can better understand what you are trying to do. This platform is dedicated to managing bug reports and improvement proposals while addons-mozilla.org is dedicated notations.

    Basically a cookie can be refreshed/deleted by JavaScript code without reloading a page, or every time a page is viewed manually.
    If you put content in the cookie that the server does not recognize as valid or that does not match the content of other cookies on the same site, or if you put information from an expired session on the server side (you can't really know that), the server may decide at any time to delete or modify your cookie.
    This is totally independent of browser configuration or addon behavior.

    Have you tried to visualize the status of your cookie via the Firefox development tools Ctrl+Shift+K, "Storage" tab?

    You will find more information on these sites:


    "This is entirely up to the user agent, i.e. the user's browser, but usually, that will indeed be when the browser is closed"

    "Cookies that 'expire at end of the session' expire unpredictably from the user's perspective!"

    "If there is no expiry set on the cookie, then it is a session cookie and will live as long as the browser is open, and the sessionid is valid. If the server expires the authenticated sessions periodically, then the cookie will no longer be attached to a session on the server and will therefore be essentially null."

    EDIT to reply to the Rulatir's response:
    Have you thought about clicking on the button "Save the current cookie" to finalize the creation of your new cookie? I only see this explanation.

    I'm just asking for a full bug report describing the situation. As it stands I can only say that this addon works because I can not reproduce your approach on various sites I tested: The addon uses the Mozilla's APIs to create the cookies and the cookie is actually created in the database AND sent by GET requests with the other cookies.
  • I really want to like this add-on because the concept is great and the interface is good; however, there is a huge flaw. I will delete a cookie from a given website like Youtube using this Cookie Quick Manager but when I go into my Preferences>Privacy Security>Manage Data and open the folder, THE COOKIES ARE STILL THERE :(

    I generally love Firefox but I am furious how they changed the cookies. They used to be so easy to delete but now you have to jump through a lot of excessive hoops to delete your cookies. This is a nefarious attempt to favor tracking your behavior and is total garbage. I was hoping this add-on would liberate me from the cookie fiasco created by Firefox but I don't think it works for the aforementioned reason.
  • a worthy successor to the good old "Selective Cookie Delete". Especially the option to lock/unlock cookies is worth gold. What I would like to see is a quick option "Delete ALL cookies" (except the locked ones of course) right in the main menu, that would be really great. Saves the long-winded way via open Manager/scroll down/click trashcan-icon. Should be hopefully feasible - at least optionally, or via a keyboard shortcut? However, "thank you" for this useful add-on.
    Thanks for the review, I'm going to think about adding the option in the menu, I hope it will not be too confusing among the other deletion options.
  • Excellent plugin, simple and clear. As a developer I use it regularly, never failed me yet.
  • Feature request:
    Add a cookie manually.
    Hi, actually the column on the right, allows you to create a new cookie if you unlock the edition by clicking on the "edit" button at the bottom.
  • very bad UX.
    Hi, can you develop your review so that I can see what can be improved?
  • excellent
  • Очень удобно. В отдельных вкладках показывает куки только для хоста этих вкладок.
  • nice !! cool !!
  • very good, traduit parfaitement en tout lieu, très utile, merci
  • I Like It...
  • So far so good. I needed an extension to edit cookie values since Firefox Quantum removed this functionality from the F12 developer toolbar, and since Google recently changed its privacy opt out mechanisms (see Personal info & privacy > Tools you can use now) to expire opt-out cookies after random short durations (30 minutes or less in some cases) and randomly 'forget' certain opt out settings. This extension did the trick. I am not happy with FF Quantum's all-or-nothing privacy permissions but that's not the fault of this developer -- I appreciate the transparency of this developer in explaining why such broad permissions are needed by the extension.