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  • a worthy successor to the good old "Selective Cookie Delete". Especially the option to lock/unlock cookies is worth gold. What I would like to see is a quick option "Delete ALL cookies" (except the locked ones of course) right in the main menu, that would be really great. Saves the long-winded way via open Manager/scroll down/click trashcan-icon. Should be hopefully feasible - at least optionally, or via a keyboard shortcut? However, "thank you" for this useful add-on.
    Thanks for the review, I'm going to think about adding the option in the menu, I hope it will not be too confusing among the other deletion options.
  • Excellent plugin, simple and clear. As a developer I use it regularly, never failed me yet.
  • Feature request:
    Add a cookie manually.
    Hi, actually the column on the right, allows you to create a new cookie if you unlock the edition by clicking on the "edit" button at the bottom.
  • very bad UX.
    Hi, can you develop your review so that I can see what can be improved?
  • excellent
  • Очень удобно. В отдельных вкладках показывает куки только для хоста этих вкладок.
  • nice !! cool !!
  • very good, traduit parfaitement en tout lieu, très utile, merci
  • I Like It...
  • So far so good. I needed an extension to edit cookie values since Firefox Quantum removed this functionality from the F12 developer toolbar, and since Google recently changed its privacy opt out mechanisms (see Personal info & privacy > Tools you can use now) to expire opt-out cookies after random short durations (30 minutes or less in some cases) and randomly 'forget' certain opt out settings. This extension did the trick. I am not happy with FF Quantum's all-or-nothing privacy permissions but that's not the fault of this developer -- I appreciate the transparency of this developer in explaining why such broad permissions are needed by the extension.
  • Why it should have permission to modify privacy settings now?! What's required by specific features could be given by telling user what should be, and how to be edited, or at least provide an option to let extension asking users who needs these features to allow these permission.

    Edit 1: Thanks for your patiently reply. Despite that the permissions are required, this extension's context support helped me in time to perfectly experience FF Context feature.

    As for granting permission, there's a extension called "SiteDelta Highlight" on AMO you could refer to. Click into its settings page, which displays prompt "Advanced features (that require additional permissions) are disabled." with a button "Enable advanced features...".
    Then click on that button, Firefox will prompt it requires additional permissions. So I think it should be able to grant several parts of permissions separately.

    And a few advice:

    1. Add context to directly "move to container" rather than only "copy to"

    2. Ability to select multiple domain / multiple cookies at the same time

    3. Every button in the bottom has hang-over tool-tips except the first one from left (and the forth, well it's easy to guess it is for donating). So... the first button with a trash bin icon is so disturbing I don't know what scope it applies to, neither know if it will ask me to sure before doing something.

    4. Right-click context menu is not fully visible when click on item close to window border.

    5. Why I couldn't copy expired cookies to other container? if it's exist when I access its website it would seem to be refreshed, so it maybe useful, why can't move it?
    Hi, it's a good question; the need for access rights to the API "privacy" is already explained on the presentation page of the addon:
    Access and modify various privacy-related browser settings (the FirstPartyIsolation flag here).

    Detecting the status of the FirstPartyIsolation option is absolutely necessary from Firefox 58 for people who want to use this extra protection.
    This is a nightly feature that is currently not available other than through about:config for public versions of Firefox.

    The API is here:

    The way Firefox handles permissions is all or nothing: all permissions are granted or none of them are.
    To my knowledge I can not ask the user to selectively accept a permission and not another.

    If you have an example of this type of form, please create an issue on the GitHub so that I can explore that.
    In any case if the access to the privacy API is refused, the addon will not be able to manage the cookies created with the option FirstPartyIsolation activated, even if this one is deactivated later.

  • Great extension for both viewing ad deleting cookies. However, the latest update put in a "feature" Idon't like - the confirmation for deleting all cookies. There should be a way to turn it off once someone is used to the severe effects of this feature. I open individual sites in new private tabs in Firefox and so when finished, I need to remove all the cookies. I do this continually so I dislike having to confirm each time. There should be a way to turn it off.
    Another feature I like with the latest revision is the ability to auto-refresh. However, that feature only stays on until the next time I open Frefox. It should be persistent.
    Other than these two issues, this is a 5 star addon.
    Hi, thank you for the review.
    I will integrate the ability to bypass the alert dialog, and I will ensure that the state of the checkbox is the last selected by the user.
  • Works fine, but it is not particularly easy to find the cookies for the current page and quickly edit them
  • kann als einzige Export/Import, backup restore
  • chrome://browser/content/preferences/cookies.xul is dead.
    Long Live Cookie Quick Manager!

    I like this. The only thing that strikes me as odd is the way it treats domains such that, for example, .addons.mozilla.org and addons.mozilla.org appear separately. I prefer the way cookies.xul did it.
    Hi, thank you for your review;

    you talk about a feature that I had to remove to fix a bug ( https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1465063 ) in Firefox that will be corrected on version 62 (Sept 2018). I could have kept it but cookies with the First-Party Isolation flag could not have been managed by my application. The addon is already ready for version 62 of Firefox on which the feature will reappear ;)
  • Finally an intuitive and powerful cookie manager! The latest update is great, as it supports Multi-Account Containers with optional filters by container. Excellent addon!
  • The best cookie manager atm
  • Works well – thanks, ysard!
  • This is the best cookie manager for developers that I've found so far for recent versions of Firefox. I previously used Cookies Manager+, before Firefox Quantum broke it. Cookie Quick Manager isn't a full replacement for Cookies Manager+ yet, but it's decent, and I sense that it will continue to improve.

    One suggestion for the author: I wish that the "Delete all the cookies" action were harder to do accidentally. Perhaps a confirmation dialog or moving it to a menu would help. There are three trash can icons without labels and the "delete all" button has very wide reaching side effects.
  • The manager window doesn't display any cookies. Searching doesn't appear to work. The "refresh" button doesn't populate a list of domains, or have any other obvious effect. In short, the addon doesn't seem to work.

    ETA: Developer responded on the GitHub issues page and diagnosed the problem for me: the extension doesn't work with First-Party Isolation. I will re-test and update the review as soon as I can. Bumping to 5 stars in the meantime for the fast response and the excellent diagnosis.