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  • Пробовал разные RSS-читалки в качестве альтернативы Brief, но всё не то. Brief лучше других (для меня). Желаю скорейшего возвращения в строй после FF 57
  • Kiedy planujecie wprowadzić wersję wspierającą najnowszego Firefox-a?
    "Niezgodne z Firefoksem Quantum"

    Kwestia tygodnia, miesiąca, roku czy w ogóle ?


    EDIT: Doczytałem:
    Today. Released a few hours ago ;-)
  • Nice extension.
    But after upgrading to latest beta on FF57 all new records appers in Trash Bin (Корзина)

    Seems to be fixed.
    Good job!
    Sorry, there was a bug in some betas if a maximum entries per feed limit was enabled. Fixed since beta 4.
  • after a click on do not update the feeds. Brief 2.5.0b1
  • up! FIXED (did reinstall and clear all to defaults and cleared all settings) and it worked!
    btw button ctrl+shift+d or ctrl+alt+d still doesnt work on clean insta;ll

    help! Beta works greate but how do i get button on toolbar? i dont have it! Can anyone give link to brief tab? and tell how to get button ?chrome://brief/content/brief.xhtml doesnt open, no icon in toolbar. but addon installed fine
    firefox 57 addon 250 a5

    http://prntscr.com/hc1dp0 ctrl+shift+d dont work ( id did reset all buttons and toolbar no help (

    бро хелп, переустанавливал нифига не помогает
    раньше я мог на вкладку зайти по линку chrome://brief/content/brief.xhtml сейчас не заходит
    There may be an overflow part of the toolbar and the button may be hiding there. Sorry, it's not possible to share a link, but Ctrl+Shift+D should open the Brief tab.
  • Не работает с Firefox 57.
    Уже работает :-)
  • Yes it's back: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/brief/versions/beta

    Working fine, thank you very much.
  • Il love this extension, thanks for making it! Unfortunately it doesn't work with FF 57 for me either, Firefox says it's a legacy extension. Screenshot: https://elzevir.fr/tmp/brief.png Using brief 2.4.0 with Firefox 57.0 on Linux (Arch, Firefox installed from the Arch repo).

    I guess it must be some small detail, since the release notes for 2.4.0 say it's the WebExtensions edition. Please, please, please make it work! I really don't want to use another feed reader. Thanks!
    The 2.4.0 edition was an intermediate stop - not a WebExtension itself, but saving data for the WebExtension version. The pure WebExtension release is 2.5.0.
  • I love it, best RSS feed reader out there, smooth running, nice, pleasant readable layout, good amount of personal settings. The panic and distress was real when I lost it. Please, please bring it back for Quantum 57. Guy below says it's now compatible, but that's not my experience, does he know something I don't?


    UPDATE 2: I was having trouble seeing the sidebar feed tree, all feeds would load but the individual feed list was blank, toolbar icons were buggy too. I might've messed it up earlier by doing a system restore and tinkering. But if you're having the same issues, the solution for me was a "Refresh Firefox" which removes all traces of extensions/themes and browser appearance customizations, but retains booksmarks/passwords/cookies/auto-fill/history/etc. After "Refresh" simply reinstall Brief and it works as expected in Beta. My bookmarked Brief feeds do still exist, but not within Brief and accumulated past feeds (a years worth) appear to be gone too.

  • Thank you for your rapid update compatible with FF57 !

  • Plugin non compatible avec FF57... pour le moment j'espère!!!
  • First of all, Thanks for your great work. As I have said before, may God bless you on Earth and in the heaven. However, the search box in the new quantum-compatible version still, after over a year, appears to be frozen/locked. Nothing can be typed inside of it. This makes such a great application entirely useless. Your help to fix this issue is greatly appreciated, otherwise my alternative solution is to sadly migrate from Brief and Firefox forever. I use Brief everyday for scientific work. Because of this persisting bug, I have not updated Firefox since Nov 2017, simply to be able to use the old Brief's search box.
  • Please, update the plugin for firefox quantum!
  • I used this for several SearchTempest searches with it hitting 30+ Craigslist sites. Was great for returning results but really bogs down Firefox. Maybe I can change settings or use a different approach.
  • Удобное приложение, но в новой версии Firefox (57) не работает. Будет обновление?
  • Love it, simple and powerful.
  • Love this AddOn, but in 2.4.0 the Feed-Icon ist missing - Windows 10, Firefox 56.0.2 (32-bit)