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  • Excellent RSS feed reader. Would REALLY like an option to sort new unread items to the top of list view.
  • Время от времени расширение перестаёт обновлять ленты. Приходится его переустанавливать.
    Куда-то делать возможность группировать источники лент новостей по папкам.
  • Can't live with out it. The perfect tool to read and organize blogs and forums.
  • Very good addon.
  • When it's working, Brief is an excellent extension (though it needs to have the ability to put the feeds in folders). However my copy isn't updating anymore.
  • neatly, painlessly, and efficiently organizes, displays and updates RSS feeds
  • Love the add on but the search option is greyed out and if clicked on and letter (which are invisible) added you lose the feed data, it comes back sometimes...Bit odd, needs a look please..Thanks
  • Перестал обновлять ленты.
  • При попытке добавить ленту получаю :

    Файл не найден

    Firefox не может найти файл chrome://brief/content/brief.xhtml?subscribe=https://mysku.ru/rss/.

    Проверьте правильность введённого имени файла, соответствие регистра и отсутствие других ошибок в имени файла.
    Проверьте, не был ли файл переименован, удалён или перемещён.

    Есть решение?
  • The best RSS reader ever!
  • lässt sich seit dem letzten FF update 61.0 64 bit gar nicht mehr aktualisieren....insofern sinnfrei...
    bin zu opera gewechselt !
  • A really good, useful addon, but it has a really irritating issue. Some items get duplicated every time your feeds get updated.

    Admittedly, I'm not the best at explaining things, so here's an example of what I mean: https://postimg.cc/image/i20mlaxm3/

    Overall, this addon is very useful. I use it daily. But that issue is very annoying.
  • Refresh did not work in FF v60.0 later -> uninstall Brief, restart FF, install Brief. Now the addon asks for the required premissions -> update works.
  • After updating FF to v61.0 "Refresh" does not work. Only after Uninstall and Install I can do "Refresh" but once and Brief downloads all feeds not just new.
  • After Sage doesn't work anymore on Quantum, this was the addon I was looking for to organize my feeds, mostly podcasts. Thanks a lot!