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  • Wow, finally an rss addon that suits me!!! Almost the same as Sage and Sage++ !!!
    Here're some suggestions:
    Please, can you please put like Sage(++) did, on the left pane, divide that space in two and at half below put a list of all feed articles titles from the feed that we are reading?! It would be much better than we scroll all the articles in the right pane!!
    One more thing, can you please add firefox sync to the addon options and feeds?!
    Thkx in advance.
  • A bunch of my feeds aren't updating. The feeds themselves are working. I thought I would try to remove the addon and reinstall it, but it retains whatever messed up data that is causing the problem. Is it just me who's having this problem, or has nobody noticed? If it were just one or even two feeds I wouldn't have noticed for maybe weeks. But I have at least five out of 30 feeds that are broken. No apparent way to "reset" the addon.
  • Era una de las mejores extensiones que he usado, sin embargo desde la actualización de mozilla a quantum es imposible usar la barra de búsqueda de Brief para encontrar detalles en cualquier noticia, por favor mucho sabría agradecerles soluciones este problema para que siga siendo N° 1 en aplicaciones realmente útiles...
  • Very good extension
    but the fact of not being able to synchronize between these pc is penalizing
    I hope this feature will be implemented someday
  • 非常不错
    最起码用了4年了 更新也不慢
  • It is super easy to use, can change how often you want to refresh your feeds, and is very responsive & fast. Highly recommend if you want to have a browser based RSS reader.
  • Former SAGE Feeds user here (which no longer works with Firefox 57 and development has stopped). This add on enabled me to carry on using Firefox
  • Decent extension, great for viewing images, I have a bug though. If you bookmark things, and then the bookmarks are later manually removed, it bugs out and starts bookmarking everything in your feed afterwards, randomly adding and removing bookmarks no matter how much you try and fix things.
  • 相当好用,界面简洁直接。无需科学上网
  • Great Addon, have been using it for years and am very glad that it works with FF57 now.
    I only have two minor complaints:
    1) In some recent version the keyboard shortcut for opening Brief changed from Ctrl+Alt+D to Ctrl+Shift+D. Unfortunately the latter shortcut is already used by firefox for bookmarking all tabs. Thus Brief cannot be opened anymore using a keybaord shortcut.

    2) Yesterday Brief suddenly deleted all my feeds and I had to resuscribe to all of them. Didn't happen before and I hope it won't happen again.

    Anyway, great addon, thanks a lot!
  • Always has been the best RSS Reader and still is the best. I missed it a lot when there was the WebExtension switch (being announced so early, I wonder why so many extensions got ported that late), so I had to try out Feedbro, which seems to be more popular among users, but I don't understand why, was a big disappointment when you are used to Brief. Brief is so much easier to use, simple UI, easy to navigate with mouse and with keyboard, it's fast, it's light weight (needs little memory and CPU time), it works as expected (opening an entry opens it in a tab, marks it as read and immediately wipes it from the unread view), little preferences (which is good, I don't want to waste 2 hours on configuring a RSS reader just to make it somewhat usable). I'm so glad it's back and finally I have a quick, no sorry, a "brief" overview of all the important news again, safes me maybe a hole hour a day, as I can quickly skip all the uninteresting ones, easily read the important ones and peek at those where I'm unsure if they are interesting; that's what you use a news reader for to begin with, isn't it?
  • ブックマークの狭い枠の中ではなくタブの広い画面でリストが見られて便利
  • brief 255 plus ffox quantum 57.0.1 x64
    search is not working. impossible to input anything from the keyboard
    Sorry, this is a known limitation for now, as there's no full-text search index in the IndexedDB. It'll be back in a few versions.
  • Great extension, thanks ! The only one who succeeded in making me forget Sage (RIP).
    I'll put 5 stars when you will add a button to push an article in pocket list ;-)
    What do you think ?
    That would be a significant amount of work and rather low priority at the moment. Sorry, but restoring search and better adapting to WebExtensions is more pressing.
  • liked it but migration to FF57 failed. In fact Brief doesn't work at all in FF57

    update: thanks for getting back. changing the privacy setting did the trick
    Brief does work in FF57 for most cases. However, there are some known limitations and Firefox bugs. For example, Brief does not work in strict privacy modes (never save history / don't accept cookies / sanitize on exit) yet. If that's not your case, you're welcome to report the issue on the issue tracker.