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  • # # # Please add an option to open the original article in the same tab # # #
    So it is possible to return in Brief with the back button on the mouse or keyboard, you do not have to close every article.
    Only Bamboo had this great feature, but it's not a webextension. That's why I have to use an old portable ERS ff version.
  • Not working anymore in version 2.5.8. on FF 60.0.2.
  • After the update to 2.5.8 Brief worked during one single day.
    I have deleted bookmarks from the folder but they still appear in Brief menu. No idea of where is Brief taking them from.
    Really a pity for such an excellent add-on. Any solution?
  • Excellent Addon, great work!!
    If you have problems (e.g. feeds not loading) you can fix by 'refresh firefox' !
  • I really like this extension but for a while now it's not working on my home computer, even if I uninstall and reinstall it. The sidebar opens when I click the Brief button in the toolbar but no feeds show up and clicking on anything (like options, refresh, etc.) does nothing. This is version 2.5.8. Works fine on my work computer, so not sure what the deal is.

    Update 7/3: This is really messed up but to get Brief to work again I had to go into my Firefox roaming profile and delete all the websites in the "default" folder in the "storage" folder under the profile.
  • new version does not update feeds in firefox
    Please report the problem with more details at the Brief's homepage.
  • BRIEF 2.5.8
    It does not update feeds anymore, not even manually.
    This has happened since yesterday, since firefox has updated to version 60.0.2

    Brief on Firefox 60 works for me. If you come to https://github.com/brief-rss/brief/issues, provide a link to the feed that's not updating and/or error messages, we may be able to find out what's the problem in your case.
  • Feed Update problem solved: In my case "CCleaner programme" which I run daily erases "permissions.sqlite" file. Once I add this file to the exclude list, everything works fine.
    Wow, a nice find! Glad you discovered the source of this problem. I hope CCleaner or others like it won't just delete the feed database one day.
  • After getting feeds working now Brief continues to reload the same feeds over and over even with the hide read feeds enabled. There's no recognition that any previous feed has already been downloaded and viewed ???? I end up with constant multiple instances of the same feed.
    Such a bug has been fixed for 2.5.8, please check.
  • Unfortunately the feeds have all disappeared yet in 2.5.7.
    I wait bug fix ;)
    I've heard such bug reports, investigating them. If you have any additional information, you're welcome to the support thread and/or github issues.
  • Версия 2.5.6 Выпущено Май 27, 2018 311.7 KiB - фуфло!
    Откатил на Версию 2.5.5 и все снова заработало.
    Попробуйте 2.5.7, там должно работать даже лучше :-)
  • 2.5.6 and 2.5.7 still can't find my feeds. Thankfully 2.5.5 still works. Will be worth 5 stars once fixed.
    Does 2.5.7 fix it for you?
  • Love Brief. Have used it for years, but after the latest update on 5/27/2018 it has stopped working. The feeds have all disappeared.
    Does 2.5.7 fix it for you?
  • Mobil platform da kullanılabilmesini sevdim.
  • Хорошая попытка , но я уже привык, пока вы раскачивались, к Feedbro. Более всего огорчает открытие текущей новости в неактивной вкладке! Ну бесит же !!! Поддержка видео не работает... Тем не менее остаюсь горячим поклонником BRIEF, и желаю разработчикам успехов!!! ЖДУ..................................
  • Looks like the nicest RSS Reader in existance BUT: Not working in Firefox Developer Edition Version 60.0b4 46-bit

    Can't see any contents on the big right side area (it states "no items") and on the left hand menu there are items that I can open up (under the feed name), but they do not have any title/text. So I do recognize that there are items as I have the arrows I can click at that show that they contain content, but there's just no text there.

    I tried adding: