1.576 Bewertungen
  • It helps me a kot for blocking sites at my work time and study time loved it
  • Saved My life.
  • Love this add on, I am easily distracted but now I've put another level of discipline between the web and my ceaselessly wandering mind. Thanks.
  • Great! It blocks and blocks and blocks. Could (only) be better if it blocked the side-bar also!
  • doesn't even block sites in Mozilla Firefox (for Developers) whereas in Chrome it works fine. Sad.
  • When update list of blocked site gone.
  • it blocks sites even if they are not on the list. Totally unrelated sites. Weird but it makes the add on unusable to me :/
  • Though I am aware of accusations of data mining against this developer, the extension is too valuable to sacrifice.
  • Can't Unblock.
  • couldn't find a way to exclude sites but otherwise a fantastic app