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  • When the tab or window of the site I want to block doesn't until I click on said tab/window, then realizes it should be blocking it, it's really not doing it's job.
  • Good Extensions.
  • If you check your browser performance with - about:performance , you'll see this extension constantly using CPU in the background. Why? Uninstalling..
  • Amazing app, it can multiply your productivity to God level
  • Beautiful extension for my procrastinating ass
  • "Non-Personal Information collected through your use of the browser extension includes:

    Browsing history information (URLs/domains visited)" - I think that says everything.
  • Does not allow redirects to IP addresses with port numbers associated. I have a docker container on a local server with a "GO F*CKING WORK" static page that I want to use instead of something with puppies or kittens.

    Would otherwise be 4 stars since it does what it advertises on the tin, but not being able to use addresses with ports is lame.

    Also, don't tell me to "put a proxy in front of it".
  • ich hab ne coinhive malware und ransomware block liste erstellt war etwas schwer aber doch hinbekommen. alles was ihr braucht ist ein excel programm eine domian block liste wo nur die url enthalen ist als txt dokument erstellen in LibreOffice welches ich benutzt habe als tabelle öfnen und anschliessend als csv datei speichern. zu guter letzt importiert ihr die erstellte csv datei einfach und fertig. fazit dieses addon sollte auf keinen rechner fehlen. p.s. die block listen findet man leicht im internet. =) (die oma is scary wo ich es getest habe war wie ein jumpscare für mich) =)
  • I use this add-on to block Youtube as I started to notice it taking more and more time of my life. This is definitely helping with the addiction.
  • Excelente complemento. Muy eficiente en su modo de lograr su propósito. Estoy satisfecho con el cuidado. Gracias a los colaboradores por diseñar esta aplicación.
  • Best extension.
  • Guys, developers! You can’t even imagine how grateful I am to you! You help me live straight on! The fact is that I constantly went to the page in Vk to my ex-girlfriend, looked at the pictures and suffered and couldn’t forbid myself to do this. Now, I have added a link to her page and her first and last name and all this is blocked and I'm sober right. Plus, I blocked the extension itself with a password, which I just don’t know and that’s all. I can go to the Vk site everywhere, except for her profile. Block other sites - I do not need, and in the most important thing you really helped me! Sincere human thanks !!!