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  • it protected all bad sites, even if I had to add them myself.
  • Great rework of the software. Nice pictures. Remove the spit on grandma's mouth though, please. That would be 5 starts. Then come the privacy implications...
  • Radical.
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  • Sangat membantu
  • thing good
  • I use this app on all my devices (Android, Chrome, Firefox). Incredible time saver.
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  • Muito bom. Só não devia ter bloqueado a amazon ter posto uma senha impossível e bloqueado meu email agora não to com vontade de ir mexer nisso nunca mais abrirei a amazon novamente :(
    Hi, please email us at support@blocksite.co so we can help you with this issue. Thanks!
  • Exactly what i need: stop myself from wasting time on common social media. It'll be great if it can show up a page for blocked sites with a motivational quote (i saw this checkbox but does not know how to configure or it seems not to work).
    Thanks for good work.
    Thanks for your review! If you need help with the motivational quote setting please email us at support@blocksite.co so we can help!
  • This extension is pretty great, doing essentially everything it promised.
    A key feature I like is the scheduling, with time shifts. It allows to set up the full work day, with maybe a lunch break. It'd be great if there was a possibility to add more than just two shifts, to customise a little more.
    Regarding the mobile app, it works just as great, but the scheduling feature is entirely absent...

    Great work!
  • we still waiting for sound notifications !!!!!

    "awesome extension but we need sound notification as soon as possible in" work mode"
    Thanks for your review! We are working on it! :)
  • please add regex
  • AMAZING ! Just pure masterpiece. Does the job perfectly. It made me rate and review even though i rarely upvote reddits.
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  • It has gotten some very good features lately like different block lists to block adult sites, and to block sites while you're at work (work mode).

    One great request would be to turn on the work mode at certain times the user programs into Blocksite so it's an automatic work block from 8am-5pm local time.
  • Excellent for productivity, all clean and clear makes me focused on work.

    don't read too much of the review here, most of those who doesnt find this add-on helpful doesnt really read the privacy policy and or all the features this add-on have.
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  • Does not even support regex. Useless.
  • This is great! I'd just the following additional options: the ability to toggle the ability to turn Blocksite on/off on the extension page, the ability to remove access to the extension webpage during work mode, the ability to customise work mode time and to toggle on/off work mode 5-minute breaks. I've put in some suggestions in the Google Form.
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