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  • couldn't find a way to exclude sites but otherwise a fantastic app
  • "Access your data for all websites"
    You don't need this. Used to be a good addon now my Malwarebytes is labelling it a pup and upon looking up further information online I have determined this app can get lost.

    Take your spyware, data collecting and go home.
  • It helps me a lot with my addiction!
  • Works just like I hoped it would. Very simple to use and effective. I can't tell you how many times I accidentally end up going to some popular websites I blocked because they always left me in a bitter mood. This add-on helps me stay sane.
  • 安装之后体验了戒毒生活,你能清晰的感觉到网络带来的快感和戒断时的落差。Great!
  • Well, a very good add-on for blocking sites you don't want to visit, even if you enter by mistake. I recommend it!
  • It just randomly updated and now the websites I had blocked are now gone.
  • It's usefull, thanks you
  • alll perfect
  • It seems to work VERY well with ONE MAJOR EXCEPTION... yes you block the site, but you put a full screen window up bragging about it. Can't you just block it SILENTLY? (Or provide a switch for silent blocks of some known sites??)
  • I really needed this! Perfectly executed idea! Thank you. I have one question:

    - How can I change the work time? It's stucked on 25 min.

    Thank you!
  • does exactly what it need to do, in a relaxing way
  • Does exactly what I want it to. Love the whitelist feature.