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  • Helps increase your productivity.
  • Good for controlling yourself while studying.
  • Wiped out tabs, can't return to websites, website addresses are deleted.

    I installed this with tabs open in the firefox browser. When I changed to the tabs, the contents would be replaced with an ad for Blocksite. When I hit the back button the contents would be replaced again.

    When i disabled Blocksite from Manage Extensions, those all tabs were closed. Looking in history/recently closed tabs, i don't see my tab names, it only says 'blocksite', when I reopen those, the tabs are opened with a blank pages, (with an web address of moz-extension://1a433477-5e82-4f78-b348-a664e3101618/blocked.html) and the back button is grayed out.

    Essentially, BlockSite causes me to loose the tabs I had open and deletes the webpage address.

    For some reason I cant find the options to control blocksite, add/remove websites, or even see an icon at the top of firefox. The only thing i see is the Enable and Remove buttons in Add-ons (Ctrl+Shift+A). There is no Options button, (like I have for Adblock Pus), so I can't control the add-on or even block spyware data collection.

    This is after installing blocksite from https://addons.mozilla.org, adding a problem website address, and then closing the web page that allowed me to add the address to block.

    Firefox Quantum 67.0.3 (64-bit) on a Win7 PC.
  • Seems to be constantly writing to disk
    160KB every 2 seconds meaning over the course of a day it's written nearly 7GB to disk.
    I believe this will reduce my SSD's life so I will not use this add-on until this issue is resolved.
  • Doesn't work. Firefox for Android.
  • Hilarious pictures and comments on blocking events;)