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  • its the best website blocker in firefox .
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  • Malware Bytes constantly informs me it has blocked a Trojan "adult.yourblocksite.com" whenver I have this add on running.
  • Why would you make an extension that blocks sites then gives you the option to "edit your list" right on the top of the page? Trying to keep my son on task with school but it's pretty useless if he can disable it in 5 seconds.
    Hello! You can prevent your son from editing the list of blocked sites by setting up a password under "Account Protection." Please email us at support@blocksite.co if you need help setting up the password.
  • Absolutely disgusting practices. For the adult content blocker you need to let them *gather* (steal) YOUR information on your visited sites, your IP ADDRESS, and other information regarding your operating system and browser information for WHAT EXACTLY? A global blacklist of sites that are known to host NSFW material? THIS IS COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY FOR THEM TO DO THIS. These people are trying to take your data and act like they can be responsible with it and are blatantly lying about the reasons for why they need it. DO NOT TRUST ANYONE. Especially some unknown little addon developer. They will screw up and this info will get out there. Please consider using any other tool!
    Hi, you can take full control over the data you share and can amend these details from the settings page at any time. Please feel free to read the Privacy policy for more information regarding this issue.
  • Unusefull. Doesn't block anything !
    Hi, please email us at support@blocksite.co so we can help you start blocking sites. Thanks!
  • i use it to block pop ups. starts popping up its self every time i open firefox. NO AND NEVER. stop asking for permission.
    Hi, please email us at support@blocksite.co so we can help you with this issue. Thanks!
  • Funciono perfecto, esas paginas maliciosas que se instalan como principales y no podes borrarlas de ninguna manera, al menos quedan bloqueadas.
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  • It works as promised. No problems. Helps with procrastination.
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  • Works great! Splash pages really got me laughing as well, lol.
    Thanks for your review! Glad to hear you like the funny pages! :)
  • Great add-on for blocking malicious sites. Thanks for the bug fix!
    Thanks for your review!
  • Nice addon. Helps me avoiding some crappy site that "offer" me to download software I can get directly from develper's home page.
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  • Good tool that helps reduce procrastination. Other than a hiccup it works as desired.
    Hi, thanks for your feedback. We found the issue and fixed it in the latest version. Please update to version
  • Perfect - Only problem, doesn't work in Incognito mode.
  • Bloody awful. I did not request it and it is throwing up authorization requests all the time. Have emailed support to help get rid of this really annoying pop up.
    Hi, thanks for your feedback. We found the issue and fixed it in the latest version. Please update to version
  • It seems to do ALMOST everything I need it to. The one drawback is that the work mode timer seems to only work in 25 minute intervals. I work better in 60-90+ minute intervals.

    I do appreciate that the developer seems to address such matters on the review pages. Perhaps there's a fix I haven't discovered yet.
    Hi, thank you for your review! We are working on the work mode feature so that you will be able to customize both the "work time" and "break time." Stay tuned! :)
  • Absolutely terrible. If you decide not to let blocksite collect your information, it will keep coming up with a popup add to try and convince you to do so. After about 10 interruptions to my browsing by the makers of this wretched thing, I decided enough was enough. Do yourself a favor and just don't do it. The authors apparently know no shame.
    Hello, thanks for your review. If you opt out of data collection, the only time you are prompted to opt in is if you are trying to use the adult blocking feature. If this is not the case for you, please email us at support@blocksite.co so we can help.
  • great app ..10X a lot
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  • This extension is quite useful but it has one big issue. It doesn't work in Private mode.