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  • Worked like a charm !
  • firefox 64bit cant use it
  • i hate it
  • This app is awesome! It gives you all the options you need, including a way to redirect any blocked site to a certain url. I searched images and found an inspirational picture that I am redirected to when I click on a blocked site. Helps a lot!
  • I needed something to stop me from constantly distracting myself from work with social media and this addon was the first thing that came out in google. I instantly installed it and the workmode timer came as a pleasant surprise which I now use daily. 5/5.
  • I don't understand the low ratings for BlockSite. I find this extension super simple and easy to use... if you need to edit your list, it is really simple to do so. Also, the cute or funny pictures when you enter your blocked site is adorable vs. a scary red logo saying you can't enter lol
  • Все на русском, всё просто и понятно. отлично работает!