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  • no new functions (for example export in different formats), visual/selection lag .
  • Nice. Basically required for Firefox use. (Firefox really needs to add this absolutely normal tab-handling functionality to the browser--Chrome's had it since the beginning.)

    This may be the same as a previously existing extension called "Select and Do"? (It's been a while since I used Firefox, but this came up when I searched for that extension which I previously used for this purpose.)

    I feel like I may have preferred that one, but I might be completely making this up and this may be the exact same extension with a different name. Who knows.
  • Does what it says it does, no bullshit
  • Does not move the whole selection of tabs to a new window, only up to 28 tabs. Seems to be limited in how many tabs it can handle. That's pretty poor for a "multiple tab handler".
  • EDIT:
    Dont know why but today it started to work again, then I change from 1 star to 5 stars:). Hope it will not change tommorow:).

    It was great addon. It was one of my corre addons in firefox. i am still on 56.0.2 (64 bit) firefox version. It worked great (stoped working in 2019), but now I dont have this function even i did not update firefox or this addon (it says it is still version 0.8.2017061501 (which is for a <57 firefox version). Also can not fin anywhere this version to reinstall it. It is very big loss for me, as i dont want to move to new versions and now I lost funcionality i use every day up to today :(. I would put 5 stars if it would work (or my problem would be solved)
  • When selecting tabs, it opens them. It never did this before, how to select without opening the tab?
  • Thank you very much for developing and supporting this add-on!
    I switched from chome to firefox some month ago and selecting multiple tabs and dragging them to different browser windows was a feature I realy missed when I was working with firefox.
    Now you made the plugin perfect by adding this drag and drop support! Thank you so much!
  • almost perfect, but:

    please add:
    * show global tab count in icon
    * search tab by name/url & switch to it
    * show all tabs from all windows option
  • Does not work. Try to select multiple tabs and like others, it deselects the first one clicked. Tried both shift key & Ctl. Also installed Tree Tab. Still cannot select multiple tabs. Latest version of FF & windows 10 pro.
  • This add-on is Firefox's multiselect feature but with basically every action you can think of. Best of all, you can customize this add-on however you like, from the size and theme of the pop-up panel to which options you would like to be present or hidden from the context menu.
  • Having major issues with tabs being deselected when attempting to check multiple things. Pretty much made the extension useless.
  • It doesn't work at all. Most up to date version of firefox, 50% chance it will work when selecting 1 tab, deselects everything after the 2nd tab
  • Very useful addon. Please, add the option “Go To… (selected Tab)”, function only for one selected Tab. It was very useful, particularly when much tabs are open at the same time and is no so easy to find the one you are searching for.