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  • Clean & useful for bulk actions on a set of tabs, and also for just listing them all when many of them : when they get too short for their titles to be readable.
    Would have given 4,5 stars if possible, because multi selection by Ctrl-click does not work. However, I also use this add-on as a nice complement to "Window Saver". So, 5 rather than 4.
  • can't handle tab like in before versions, don't work. What append?
  • Better than nothing, but i have to agree that I miss acting on the tabs as in the old version. The app was 5 stars before!

    Is this a limitation of Firefox 57? If so, shame on you FF for hurting so many great apps. If not, then please consider adding back in this ability.
  • The new version has a nice-looking interface. But it is not as useful as it was.

    Multiple Tab Handler used to be the single-most useful feature of Firefox after tabs themselves. Firefox is drastically less essential without it.

    The thing that made it great was its intuitive operation. It was effective and powerful. It allowed you to select tabs by clicking on them as you would anything else on a desktop: using the shift key to select a sequence of tabs; and using the tab key to bring separate individual tabs into the same group. With a simple right-click you could then perform operations on the selected tabs - such as bookmark, move and close. Or you could just right-click and perform quick operations on all tabs. It was brilliant.

    The new version no longer allows you to select tabs themselves. You have to open a drop down-down menu that lists all the tabs you have open. This does helpfully display the full names of all your open tabs. But this does not make up for the inconvenience of introducing further steps and waits to select and operate on tabs. It also can't handle it when you have a large number of tabs open.

    You having to click an icon to open the tabs list before you can select the tabs. You may even have to click to get to the icon to open the tabs list, if you have more add-on competing for space on your browser bar. Only then can you select what tabs you want to operate on. The way it lets you select the tabs is very nice. And the way it allows you to operate on the tabs is snazzy too. It even remembers your selection if you close the list up without operating on it immediately. But by the time you get that far your bird will have flown, your flow will have juddered, your information juggernaut will have been forced off the highway for an unscheduled pitstop with the driver leaning out of the window shouting, 'what the %&$!*!?'.

    Perhaps the way forward would meld the old with the new: selection as it was but now reflected in the drop down list should you need to open it, and with a working memory. Though really, would it ever even be necessary to use the drop-down list with its snazzy interface? Isn't it just superflous and therefore baggage for your system resources? How has it come to this?

    MHT used to be so essential that Mozilla should have called their browser Firefox MHT. They should have called it Multiple Tab Handler - featuring Mozilla Firefox. They should have made Piro president of the Mozilla corporation, given him a big cigar and told him to just work his magic. If he had applied the magic he has done here with the MHT interface to FX bookmarks then you could have grabbed his coat tails and flown to Tau Ceti. Now they should just call it Forfux and be done with it.
  • Great addon but sadly the developer does not want to spend time on improving the addon more than what is useful for him. So expect limited usability specially if you don't install tree style tab addon made by the same author.

    He is looking for contributors though so if anyone knows how to code and wants to help add the features needed he is open to that on github.
  • Too bad but this plugin is now totally useless...
  • Great add-on that was fantastic pre Firefox 57, post that major update a lot of features like multiple tab selection have ceased to work. Hope the developer will be able to address the same at some point of time..
  • Following the update to FF57 I am missing its top functionality "close similar tabs". I don't want to lower rating of this (formerly) great addon for some FF-related "mess" however this update makes this addon useless for me. I hope the author's gonna get over the new FF addon policy quickly...
  • You can no longer select multiple tabs in the tab bar, instead you have to click on a drop down menu and select the tabs you want from there which is just as much as time consuming as individually dragging every tab you want to a new window. Used to love this extension but since the Quantum update I find it useless. Very disappointing.
  • Cannot select multiple tabs in the bar in Quantum :(
  • The new version is DRASTICALLY different than the old - you can't select multiple tabs anymore, instead you have to go into the control panel and select them from a list. Sad - this was a great app before.
  • Like other users have noted, it is not working properly in Firefox 57/Quantum. I'm on Mac OS 10.12.6, and I'm unable to select and close multiple tabs at a time. Dragging the mouse cursor just moves the current tab.
  • I'm not sure if I'm misunderstanding the intended features or if it's not fully working on macOS/quantum. I was looking to replicate Chrome's ability to select multiple tabs by clicking the actual tabs. If this addon is supposed to do that, it does not on v57 (macOS 10.12.6).

    If you're only supposed to be able select tabs from the addon UI, then that's simply not what I'm looking for. Because I mostly want to be able to then drag those tabs out to their own window or to another _specific_ window. Having to do this via a context menu—and to a generic new window and not to the existing window that I'm targeting—makes it not worth the effort.

    I realize this is probably a limitation of Firefox and the addon is doing the best it can with the APIs available. But while Quantum certainly is fast, it's all the little things like this that are making me want to go right back to Chrome after only a couple days.
  • Is there a way for it to work with Tab Suspender to suspend selected tabs?

    -- Awesome add-on, by the way.
  • I liked the ability to save multiple tabs as bookmarks however this would be a lot more useful if the user could define a root folder under which these were saved and maybe also be able to enter a name for the sub-folder those tabs are saved to.

    Currently sets of saved tabs are saved under "Other Bookmarks". A user defined location would all for the possibility of placing that within the Bookmarks Toolbar (or where ever else the user wants) which would be easier to select if you have the toolbar showing. Or, even if you don't want it in the toolbar, being able to set the location and name of the root folder would make it clearer what's in it, like changing it to "Saved Tab Sets", or whatever.

    And a user defined name is just an extra convenience, especially if all the the tabs saved have names that aren't helpful or don't indicate their content. These can be renamed later by editing bookmarks, yes, but being able to name them meaningfully when saved removes the need later.
  • It is working in Firefox 57+ :D

    The tab list UI need update. It looks ugly. And it is difficult to understand that by dragging mouse multiple tab could be selected.

    Dragging on tab list should invert the selection. Multiple tab should be selectable by holding shift and checking the checkbox.
  • Does not work properly on Fx 57.0 for Android. You can only select one tab at a time and the the action page is blank.