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  • Too bad but this plugin is now totally useless...
  • Great add-on that was fantastic pre Firefox 57, post that major update a lot of features like multiple tab selection have ceased to work. Hope the developer will be able to address the same at some point of time..
  • Following the update to FF57 I am missing its top functionality "close similar tabs". I don't want to lower rating of this (formerly) great addon for some FF-related "mess" however this update makes this addon useless for me. I hope the author's gonna get over the new FF addon policy quickly...
  • You can no longer select multiple tabs in the tab bar, instead you have to click on a drop down menu and select the tabs you want from there which is just as much as time consuming as individually dragging every tab you want to a new window. Used to love this extension but since the Quantum update I find it useless. Very disappointing.
  • Cannot select multiple tabs in the bar in Quantum :(
  • The new version is DRASTICALLY different than the old - you can't select multiple tabs anymore, instead you have to go into the control panel and select them from a list. Sad - this was a great app before.
  • Like other users have noted, it is not working properly in Firefox 57/Quantum. I'm on Mac OS 10.12.6, and I'm unable to select and close multiple tabs at a time. Dragging the mouse cursor just moves the current tab.
  • I'm not sure if I'm misunderstanding the intended features or if it's not fully working on macOS/quantum. I was looking to replicate Chrome's ability to select multiple tabs by clicking the actual tabs. If this addon is supposed to do that, it does not on v57 (macOS 10.12.6).

    If you're only supposed to be able select tabs from the addon UI, then that's simply not what I'm looking for. Because I mostly want to be able to then drag those tabs out to their own window or to another _specific_ window. Having to do this via a context menu—and to a generic new window and not to the existing window that I'm targeting—makes it not worth the effort.

    I realize this is probably a limitation of Firefox and the addon is doing the best it can with the APIs available. But while Quantum certainly is fast, it's all the little things like this that are making me want to go right back to Chrome after only a couple days.
  • Is there a way for it to work with Tab Suspender to suspend selected tabs?

    -- Awesome add-on, by the way.
  • I liked the ability to save multiple tabs as bookmarks however this would be a lot more useful if the user could define a root folder under which these were saved and maybe also be able to enter a name for the sub-folder those tabs are saved to.

    Currently sets of saved tabs are saved under "Other Bookmarks". A user defined location would all for the possibility of placing that within the Bookmarks Toolbar (or where ever else the user wants) which would be easier to select if you have the toolbar showing. Or, even if you don't want it in the toolbar, being able to set the location and name of the root folder would make it clearer what's in it, like changing it to "Saved Tab Sets", or whatever.

    And a user defined name is just an extra convenience, especially if all the the tabs saved have names that aren't helpful or don't indicate their content. These can be renamed later by editing bookmarks, yes, but being able to name them meaningfully when saved removes the need later.
  • It is working in Firefox 57+ :D

    The tab list UI need update. It looks ugly. And it is difficult to understand that by dragging mouse multiple tab could be selected.

    Dragging on tab list should invert the selection. Multiple tab should be selectable by holding shift and checking the checkbox.
  • Does not work properly on Fx 57.0 for Android. You can only select one tab at a time and the the action page is blank.
  • Great addon with webext compatibility...

    But... The Tab Move function no longer exists.
    Will it be in features?

  • Hoping to see this excellent add-on continue as a web extension in Firefox 57+!
  • It just wok fine although I would like to see the "Fix tabs" feature the only one that prevents me for giving it a five. You can copy the URL of selected tabs among other features, though.
  • I hope it continues to work after Firefox 57+
  • Just what I needed to switch from Chrome
  • I can not save the addresses of the selected tabs. Saves empty lines.