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  • Completly Pointless and doesnt work
  • Must install add-on with Tree Style Tab
  • Used to be great, but in the new version, I am missing "close similar tabs" and "close other similar tabs".
  • Quantum version is pretty much useless. Small drop window with no real overview and lags before loads. Faster to close multi-tabs by spamming ctrl+w or pulling them out on a different window for moving.
  • 讚讚讚
  • I've tried finding a way to contact the "maker" but I cant. Could anyone help me? I found the option to print multiple (selected) tabs on this add-on but when I press print nothing happens. It would be great to be about to do this considering Universal Print no longer works with the new updates. If anyone can help me please E-mail me at kaylovegee@gmail.com

  • I'd much prefer to be able to Cmd/Ctrl+Click tabs to select them, or Shift-Click a second tab to select a range, but that's not what this add-on does. If has a toolbar button that shows a list of tabs and checkboxes, and a button to select what action you'd like to take on the selected tabs from the list. Not ideal, but could be workable... could be... if... the system didn't have such a unreliable click handler for the checkboxes. It seems impossible to select more than a few tabs before another click on a checkbox deselects all the other tabs.

    This makes it unusable.

    All it has to do is let you click checkboxes, and it can't even do that right in this version. Save yourself some time and heartburn and look for another solution until this one gets fixed.
  • Ctrl-Click doesn't work at all despite this behaviour is described and promised in the information section for the addon.
    I am agreed with a user b5a987.
  • Instead of simply allowing ctrl+click in the tab bar to highlight and then move multiple tabs to a new window, it has this annoying box that you have to wait to load ALL tabs that you have open. No search bar to quickly go to the tab you want to highlight. You have to SCROLL. And if you click outside that box for it to close, then open it up again, you need to wait for it load everything AGAIN. Doesn't save your place either. So you need to scroll AGAIN. etc, etc.

    I needed to highlight about 30 tabs but it only allows up to about 5 tabs to be selected. If you select more then it de-selects everything.

    Worst add-on I've ever downloaded. Mainly Firefox's fault for updating in such a way to make my perfect tab add-on "legacy" and as such I was forced to use this one instead.
  • A user-defined location for bookmarked tabs would be a lot more useful
  • Very nifty little addon. To Devs : Please support Firefox 52 Extended Support Release. (Using ESR because Quantum has broken many invaluable addons i cant live without) I had to install an older version of your addon to work with ESR.
  • Almost as good as pre-FF 57. Only appears to be missing "gather to new tree|folder."

    Slightly awkward for dragging of selected tabs -- need to click the menu bar's "select and do" icon to close the context-menu pop-up, then can re-click on selected tabs to move them.

    Copy Title & URI doesn't work very well on unloaded tabs yet -- copies the stored data, e.g.
    Scientists on new supernova: WTF have we been looking at? | Ars Technica
    But at least the copy is successful (not blank), and can do a regex transform to clean it up.

    Creation of a Tab Group folder (in tree style tab) requires manually going to a moz-extension url, such as:

    Hats off to Piro, much respect. Paypal Donation needs to be enabled for Piro's extensions.
  • So much more useful than other tab-listing extensions I tried, and it works perfectly with Tree Style Tab
  • Clean & useful for bulk actions on a set of tabs, and also for just listing them all when many of them : when they get too short for their titles to be readable.
    Would have given 4,5 stars if possible, because multi selection by Ctrl-click does not work. However, I also use this add-on as a nice complement to "Window Saver". So, 5 rather than 4.
  • can't handle tab like in before versions, don't work. What append?
  • Better than nothing, but i have to agree that I miss acting on the tabs as in the old version. The app was 5 stars before!

    Is this a limitation of Firefox 57? If so, shame on you FF for hurting so many great apps. If not, then please consider adding back in this ability.
  • The new version has a nice-looking interface. But it is not as useful as it was.

    Multiple Tab Handler used to be the single-most useful feature of Firefox after tabs themselves. Firefox is drastically less essential without it.

    The thing that made it great was its intuitive operation. It was effective and powerful. It allowed you to select tabs by clicking on them as you would anything else on a desktop: using the shift key to select a sequence of tabs; and using the tab key to bring separate individual tabs into the same group. With a simple right-click you could then perform operations on the selected tabs - such as bookmark, move and close. Or you could just right-click and perform quick operations on all tabs. It was brilliant.

    The new version no longer allows you to select tabs themselves. You have to open a drop down-down menu that lists all the tabs you have open. This does helpfully display the full names of all your open tabs. But this does not make up for the inconvenience of introducing further steps and waits to select and operate on tabs. It also can't handle it when you have a large number of tabs open.

    You having to click an icon to open the tabs list before you can select the tabs. You may even have to click to get to the icon to open the tabs list, if you have more add-on competing for space on your browser bar. Only then can you select what tabs you want to operate on. The way it lets you select the tabs is very nice. And the way it allows you to operate on the tabs is snazzy too. It even remembers your selection if you close the list up without operating on it immediately. But by the time you get that far your bird will have flown, your flow will have juddered, your information juggernaut will have been forced off the highway for an unscheduled pitstop with the driver leaning out of the window shouting, 'what the %&$!*!?'.

    Perhaps the way forward would meld the old with the new: selection as it was but now reflected in the drop down list should you need to open it, and with a working memory. Though really, would it ever even be necessary to use the drop-down list with its snazzy interface? Isn't it just superflous and therefore baggage for your system resources? How has it come to this?

    MHT used to be so essential that Mozilla should have called their browser Firefox MHT. They should have called it Multiple Tab Handler - featuring Mozilla Firefox. They should have made Piro president of the Mozilla corporation, given him a big cigar and told him to just work his magic. If he had applied the magic he has done here with the MHT interface to FX bookmarks then you could have grabbed his coat tails and flown to Tau Ceti. Now they should just call it Forfux and be done with it.