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  • La opción de este complemento “Copiar URLs de las pestañas seleccionadas” ya me vuelve a funcionar correctamente, tras seguir sus indicaciones. Muchas gracias Richard!
  • confirmed with Richard's work around works:

    To fix this go to about:config
    rightclick --> new -->boolean
    set the name to: "network.standard-url.escape-utf8" (without quotes)
    restart firefox

    copy urls of select tab is working once again, ty.
  • firefox 53.x no longer has the http://kb.mozillazine.org/Network.standard-url.escape-utf8 flag which is read by documentToCopyText.js(line:75)

    To fix this go to about:config
    rightclick --> new -->boolean
    set the name to: "network.standard-url.escape-utf8" (without quotes)
    set the value to True. This will disable decoding of the URIs in the add-on. If your copied URIs don't look right, try setting the value to False which should fix it.

    I'd love it if the developer added support for copying a tree of tabs to text and then back again.
  • Please update to fix this. Then it will be a 5+ star & brilliant Add-on again as usual.
  • Copy URIs not working in ff 53 Assegnate 5 su 5 stelle

    Use to be extremely useful feature to copy tab uri. Not Anymore since ff 53. hope the Mr will be able to fix it.
  • Bare necessity.
    Love it, together with Tree Style Tab.

    P.S. PLEASE fix for FF53.
  • Extremely useful feature to copy tab uri. But does not work in ff 53. hope he will fix it.
  • Unfortunately, we can save several tabs only in a new file (and not in an already existing).
    Thanks for your work :)

  • Great extension by the great author of the great TreeStyleTabs. Just hoping he'll get enough free time to update what Firefox breaks ;)
  • on FF 53 beta, three menu commands are not working anymore: "copy links of selected tabs" or "copy links of right tabs or "copy links of left tabs".
  • Installing this addon causes any tabs off the side of the scrolling tab bar to revert back to 'new tab' screens. Obviously frustrating.
  • So many options for tab handler!

    My favorite one is "Duplicate Tab", because some time I want to Browse freely, but keeping the original page in a separeted tab.
  • This Add-on is in my top ten most recommended Add-ons for Firefox for family and friends!
    I use this daily and can not imagine using Firefox with it!
    Props to updating this for Firefox version 50 on the day it was published for general users!
  • I use just the Move to New Window functionality. It brings a functionality from the Google Chrome browser.
  • Please fix the bug!
    I use now the Tab Groups add-on. Multiple Tab Handler works good with the exception of transferring many tabs into another Group. After choosing of more than one tab and clicking on Move to Group XY - it is only one tab which is moved, the other selected stay. the problem is that even that one is moved not to the selected group but to one another that is created automatically. Normally the tab disappears at all and only after restarting Firefox you can see it in a totally new group.
  • Ahorras muchos clics y mucho tiempo al momento de navegar, la considero indispensable para ver galerías, y buscadores.
  • Install this on FF 47 and can't seem to find it anywhere.
  • The "select similar tabs" option no longer works. I click it and nothing happens; nothing is selected.
  • In FF45, when this addon is active I cannot access to About:customizing (neither by writing it nor through the menu options) and some buttons dissapear (eg Evernote web clipper)
  • It was just working with Firefox 31, but on 45 it's not possible to move any tab. Turning addon off helps... Can you have a look at it please?
  • I need to press close button twice to close ff. Multiple Tab Handler is single installed plugin and removing it fixes the issue.

    OS win7,64bit - FF 45,32bit
  • Combine this with Tab Groups and - assuming you use these extensions properly - the only practical limit to the number of tabs you can keep track of simultaneously is your computer's memory capacity.

    The only thing I don't like so far is the way of denoting tab selection - a light blue, semi-rectangular box over the tab seems somewhat ugly to me.
  • Excellent, now that add/edit bookmark dialog is working again for Firefox Dev/Nightly. Thanks, piroor for applying my patch for that! An indispensable extension I wouldn't want to use Firefox without.
  • Using Firefox 42.0. Updated to MTH 0.8.2015111101 yesterday. It has been a great addon in the past. Don't know why Mozilla doesn't include this functionality without an add-on. But now when I try to save multiple tabs to a new folder all I get is a empty dialog box that does not let me enter a folder name and when I click OK nothing is saved.
  • Thanks for the useful add-on! IMHO it would benefit users more, if it has "Move to Existing Window" feature. Many users browse separate web topics at once in dedicated browser windows. Sorting Tabs between open Windows would be a lot easier and faster with such feature, especially before Saving select subject Windows to individual Sessions with popular "Session Manager" add-on. Without this feature one needs to reposition and expose each browser window on desktop before dragging Tabs into it, and its cumbersome, slow and messy to achieve on a cluttered with other apps desktop.