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  • Why do I need this addon if I already have "Tree Style Tab" from the same developer?

    The description for this addon lists the menu items that will be added, if used in conjunction with Tree Style Tab, but those menu items already exist in Tree Style Tab without this addon installed.

    This is confusing.
    Have the features from this addon been merged to the Tree Style Tab addon? Is this addon now abandoned?

    This is a confusing mess for users to figure out.
  • I cannot select tabs... so this extention is useless
  • Can no longer select multiple tabs at once by Shift/CTRL clicking. This had made the app incredibly intuitive to use and failing to replace it is a huge blow.
  • Does not work
  • Раньше работало, теперь нет.
  • Simple add-on for an obvious need!
  • Mostly good, but when I move the icon into the top bar, while using the Default theme, it remains black against the dark background instead of switching to white, like so: https://i.imgur.com/rqz12Xd.png
  • Works well. 4/5 because moving tabs to new window doesn't always close them in the old window.
  • Firefox 58.02, TST 2.4.17 installed, and I get NO extra tab options at all in the tab-bar's context menu after installing this?
  • (1) Adds one of the features I missed from Chrome very much. (2) Works with Tree Style Tab.

    Yes, moving a group of tabs to a new window just worked for me.
  • I'm sorry, I understand the quantum updates required a full rewrite for all tab related extensions, but this (and its companion tree style tabs) is just buggy to the point of being unusable. Even something as simple as selecting tabs in the dropdown menu is broken; selecting a single tab doesn't work half the time and it's a miracle if you can actually select more than two or three without the selection randomly changing, and even IF you can manage to select all the tabs you want, most of the time the action doesn't get applied to the entire selection. The inability to get such simple functionality working reliably is, frankly, bewildering.
  • Nope, it does not work at all on FFQ 58.0.2 - When selecting several tabs from the list and then selecting "Move New Tabs to NewWindow" (yes, NewWindow, no space) only one tab is moved.

    Arggh! lol
  • Does nothing that I want.
  • Completly Pointless and doesnt work
  • Must install add-on with Tree Style Tab
  • Used to be great, but in the new version, I am missing "close similar tabs" and "close other similar tabs".
  • is being buggy at the moment, an update would be appreciated