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  • It doesn't use global hotkeys like it claimed (at least thats what i understood)
    On spotify, the forward, play/pause, previous, all these just does the same as play/pause.
  • Very useful! Thank you very much!
  • Not working anymore... Since many months now.
  • no work in my version...
  • Please, release for Firefox Quantum.
  • Quaaantuuuuuuuuuum D:<
  • Awesome
  • Quantum, please. I will add 5 stars immediatly when done
  • It usually works well, but has some problems when there are embedded Youtube videos. I suggest adding an option to disable Youtube for this add-on.
  • Great ad_on, but update this to leatest vesion mozilla
  • Recently made the switch from Chrome and this add on is exactly what I need. Except it isn't on Firefox Quantum... Really hope you'll update.
  • Greta, but it don't seem to work well with YouTube. Whenever I had a YouTube tab open, I can no longer control my Google Play till I have activated that tab again. I would rather want the media keys not to react to youtube if music is playing on google music. Also, the automatic pausing stuff don't seem to work...
  • It is exactly what I've been looking for, it fixes this missing feature in linux desktop enviroments.
  • Thank you so much for creating this tool.
  • Finally... I found something that works with a media keyboard. So happy right now.
  • I always wanted to control youtube with my Media Keys and so I found this usefull Add-On.

    But unfortunately it does not always work. I feel like there is only a 50% chance that it works corretly.
    If I restart firefox or close and reopen the Tab the Add-On works again.
    And sometimes it only inputs Play but not Pause, this seems like another bug.

    There is no alternative Add-On, so it would be nice if it gets an update. I realy would like to enjoy this Add-On but I can't with all thoose bugs.

    I use Firefix 56.0 on Windows 10. And my tastatur is from Cherry if that helps to fix it...
  • Please make it works! Thanks.
  • My keyboard has a "play/pause" button, but it seem this plugin only "play", and then i can not pause from the media keys.

    if i have to open the youtube tab where i'm playing music to pause it, i'm not needing this plugin anymore

    i need it with both play and pause functions working
  • Oh, I have been looking for something like this for a LONG time. This is very good work, does exactly what it says on the tin, and does it well.
  • A quick toggle, maybe with a button or right click menu, to enable/disable Media Keys would be nice, because it takes priority over my local music player (foobar2000) even when I don't have any of the supported websites opened.
    Otherwise an excellent Add-On.
    Are you on Windows? It's supposed to automatically give control back to your native apps when you close the last media tab. Unfortunately with embedded youtube videos that could be most tabs. I added this issue to our issue tracker on GitHub: https://github.com/carlin-q-scott/browser-media-keys/issues/143
  • Thank you for that cool addon! But, does not work for radio.yandex (for music.yandex work correctly) . Is this subdomain supported by this add-on?
  • Nice work. People like you are the reason firefox is the best.