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  • Не работают медиа клавиши в Яндекс Музыки.
    Если настройки не делать, то любая медиа клавиша на клавиатуре кроме паузы/воспроизведения ничего не может сделать.
    Если сделать настройки и сохранить, то клавиши не работают.
  • Works fine, but the browser window still needs to be selected for it to work.
  • Os botões de play/pause funcionam normalmente, mas os botões de avançar ou retroceder a faixa também pausam.
  • Pra mim, todos os botões só pausam e iniciam. Não passam a faixa.
  • Great extension.
    - minor con: prev./next key == play/pause.
    - major pro: works with external devices (e.g. wireless headphones).
  • oh, that's so sad that firefox developers ruin everything. Media keys doesn't work in the background. Perfect Firefox.
    Absolutely useless Quantum
  • When I try to do anything with media keys it only pauses my player. It does not matter if I change the settings, reinstall the add-on or w/e.
  • In Spanish keyboard, it only obeys to the dieresis key. Despite having specified a custom shortcut.
  • Play/Pause Works, but only when Firefox is selected. Forward and Backward don't work at all.
  • Legendary. Makes streaming at work viable again. Thanks!
  • The browser has to be in focus for the media keys to register!

    Like, wtf is the point of having this add-on, even???
    You can't use it when playing a game, or streaming, or, like I said, when you don't have the browser in focus.

    Absolutely WORTHLESS add-on, IMO.

    For those of you who want to watch/listen to Youtube content while playing a game, use MPC-BE, copy the link location, add the link to the media player and use the media keys to control it. (I can only get pause/play, mute and volume to work, not next/previous.)
  • The Skipping buttons doesnt work, all it does is pause the videos.
  • Does what it needs to do, very useful for headphone users with touchscreen
  • I read the description, and I understand that it's not the plugin's fault, but it really does suck how Firefox decided to complicate things like this. Now you can only play/pause, no next/previous track! 5 stars and a donation if this gets fixed. So sick of going back to the music tab.
  • Installed. Restarted Firefox. It just works. 5/5!