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  • Doesn't work with firefox
  • Doesn't work on my mac (at least for Google Play Music)
  • I was so enthusiastic when I pressed play/pause immediately after installing this extension. But so disappointed when I pressed previous/next to see that it doesn't work. Other media keys act as if you had pressed play/pause. Too bad, could you please do something to fix this ? Please don't force me to install Evil-Google-Chrome ;) (in Chrome it works out of the box :/ )
    Windows 10, Firefox v66 (quantum), standard good old (more old actually) Logitech keyboard.
    Unfortunately that's an issue with Firefox itself. I've been looking through their code the last couple days to see if I can fix it, but it's looking like a pretty major change so it'll probably be several months before it gets approved. They've had an outstanding bug for over two years to fix this problem, which is why I'm working on it myself.
  • The addon works fine.... except that every media key is getting redirected to MediaPause when playing on YouTube. Would have given it a 5 star if it was able to properly skip a track instead of pausing it, if prompted.
  • it f***ing works!!!
  • Works as advertised for Spotify free. If only the bug preventing skipping was patched...
  • Thank you for the update! Hope the bug preventing the skip functions to work gets fixed soon.
  • Thanks for porting it to quantum!
    The only thing is that the keys just pause and resume the video, while in old version for ESR if i remember you could use the right buttons to change playlist song to next and etc.
    Anyways very good addon, i needed this so badly!