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  • Unfortunately doesn't work with Logitech K350, Win 10

    Edit: Thanks for advice. Disabled Logitech app helped. Youtube still doesn't work, but it's not important.
    Try closing the Logitech SetPoint application in your taskbar and see it work immediately. There's also an option for the add-on that works around the incompatibility with SetPoint but it doesn't work with some other keyboards so it's off by default. Plugin options are found in the add-on detail page accessed from the Firefox installed add-ons list: about:addons.
  • Working really well on Ubuntu 16.04 (didn't test on Windows yet)
    Besides it, is open source! That's awesome too! Thank you very much!
  • The addon is great and works as intended, but I would like an option to disable this on youtube, I dont need the media keys on youtube
  • When a video is left to play to completion, paused videos or (maybe) other kinds of unplayed videos begin playing either in the tab or in other tabs.

    Edit: This behavior is configurable. I think it would be better disabled as default.
  • The windows alternative key support made this work perfectly for me, but in no world should the 'Play/Pause media automatically' setting default to on.
    I thought firefox had just decided to make the internet a worse place, not realising it was a part of this addon. Please make it default to the default behaviour of firefox :)
  • A very useful add-on it saved me a lot of time

    However, I encountered a problem while dealing with Youtube playlists I can control the first video/song and if I move to the next one the keys don't work anymore unless I reload the page ( it's really troublesome) .
    Please fix it if you can.

    Update: I'm terribly sorry , it was my fault I kept a muted soundcloud tab open along with the Youtube playlist which confused the Add-On which prioritized the soundcloud songs over the Youtube playlist . I retried it now and it seems to be working :)
    It would be awesome if there's an option to choose which one to control
    Thanks for the review and feedback.

    I tried reproducing the issue you described and the only problem I see is that it takes about a second after pressing next/previous track for play/pause to work again.

    Could you submit an issue on our GitHub with more details: https://github.com/carlin-q-scott/browser-media-keys/issues
  • Пара кликов,установилось без перезапуска браузера.Работает отлично!!!
  • Works great on Linux!
  • A fantastic extension that works well.

    This should be included with Firefox by default.
  • doesn't work where there on embedded video or audio
    doesn't work on private browsing
    everywhere else works 100% for me
  • I was gladly surprised to see it work on Pocket Cast website.

    Keep up the good work!
  • Working great on ArchLinux's Gnome, but would be gread if Mac OS X could be also supported.
  • Update for new VK design please
  • Une extension parfaite.
  • Like the developer, I was tired of switching tabs to play/pause when I had a full set of media keys on my keyboard. This extension allows me to control SoundCloud with ease and it works even when the Firefox window is not active.

    I highly recommend this extension to anyone who uses media keys.
  • Я время от времени слушаю музыку через социальную сеть vkontakte и во время игровых сражений отвлекаться от игры для переключения нежеланного трека нет времени, этот аддон работает в directx приложениях, проще говоря при полном экране.
    Vkontakte - Worked & worked in full screen game, video etc.
  • Great
  • It works as expected when I have only one compatible site opened. Thanks!

    When opening a second site I think the controls should then control the second site until it's closed.
    I had several complaints about the latest release so I rolled it back. The feature you asked for should be working again.
  • Thanks dude. Does exactly what you would expect. Works with Google Play even when the tab or browser window is not active.
  • The missing-link in turning Firefox into a fully-fledged media-player. Also greatly appreciate the recently added support for the Plex web-player!
  • Прекрасное дополнение, давно искал что то подобное =)
  • Was looking for such add-on for quite some time. Good job.
  • I have UbuntuGnome 14.04 LTS (Linux), and I’ve been searching this kind of extensions activily for yeeeeears. Of course, it’s by chance I encounter it. A must have to play/pause music with your global OS media key for it. Thanks a million to the developer!
  • Sadly I have to shut down MS IntelliType using process explorer to make play/pause key on MS Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 work, but I understand that's system limitation. Sadly without IntelliType most of the other multimedia keys don't work anymore, but since I listen music using browser only occasionally, this extension will suit my needs.
    I've added a beta feature available in the add-on options that may make this add-on compatible with IntelliType. Could you check it out and let me know if it works for you?
  • I am using it only with youtube, and it seems pretty reliable.