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  • An amazing extension that makes reading at night as smooth as butter.
  • The most stupid addons of all the firefox life ! Don't use it.
    How many dollars did you give to mozilla to put it on "recommended addons" ? 1.000.000 $ ? 2.000.000 $ ?
    0,01 $ is too much for that stupid thing.
    Please put off from "recommended addons" ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  • intelligently made dark mode viewer.
  • Looks great, Slows browser
  • I love how how I can make my sites in dark mode perfection
  • Thank you for this addon. Only used it for a couple sites but it is so beautiful it isn't just a dark mode it also still has some colors so it feels like official dark mode on a lot of sites that don't support it natively.
  • This is my favorite dark mode add-on for Firefox (and Chrome) right now, but it still has some things to be desired, such as a time-based dark-mode, and the fact that it can't control the "theme" so the search bar is dark too, and things like that. Consequently this add-on pairs best with the stock Dark theme for Firefox, which is a bit bland to me. Also, this add-on (and the Dark theme) cannot affect the appearance of any sites core to Firefox like the Add-ons page (which makes sense from a privacy and security standpoint, but not from a user experience standpoint). I'd also like to have more control over the colors and adjustments than just sliders or CSS code or Toggle buttons. It would also be nice if it could darken the screen before a site loads because the flash of bright white after clicking a link is quite jolting and unpleasant.
    Dark Mode for Chrome (and maybe Firefox?) has a lot more flexibility in that realm, but it's just not as quick or intelligent as Dark Reader.
    Also some of my complaints are more at the way Firefox handles add-ons, so there's not a lot that the developers can do about those things.
  • How haven't I heard of this before, this is really useful dark mode extension, and the white mode is better with the dynamic option, I highly recommend it.
  • This extension is amazing! It really does help with eyestrain. It doesn't work on my personal website but it does work for all big social media sites and gmail. It will help on longer days where I have more intense workflows.