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  • Excelente extensión,
    El modo dark,
    Quizas sería bueno que se pueda usar el modo Black
  • Awesome extension, it really helps to avoid eye strain.
  • Works great for lightweight websites but slows tab or the browser to a crawl on most websites. Amazon was a concern with this as it would lock my browser up to the point I had to exit out of it. On Chrome based browsers this works amazingly. Oddly it's a different beast on Firefox. It seems to have gotten easier thanks to the latest Firefox updates.
  • Great add-on.
    The only reason for 4 stars is:

    it doesn't work properly on outlook websites e.g. https://outlook.live.com/people

    please fix it Alexander
    thank you!
  • Would be great if it didn't randomly switch off or just eat up my CPU and RAM like bacon on breakfast. I switch it on and my PC goes wild!
  • UMSTÄNDLICH! Wenn ich auf das ICON klicke, sollte Dark Mode ein oder aus. Aber jedes Mal wenn man auf das ICON klickt, muss man das erstmal im Kontextmenü ändern. Das ist zu umständlich. Ein klick oben sollte reichen. Und wenn ich irgendawas einstellen will, eben unter Einstellungen
  • It is a good plugin in concept and does what it says and has 4 modes which one way or the other make sites work with dark color profiles.

    Alas! In many instances, especially sites with a lot of media or large animated pictures, it makes my browser either slow to a crawl or completely locked up for many seconds. Opening many tabs in short stints becomes a nightmare in such cases.

    Especially when it first got installed (I had about 12 tabs open), it locked up my browser for more than a minute.
  • The Global List is nice, the ability to change the individual settings is a great touch.