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  • omg! thank you so much for making this. reading is so much easier now.
  • Good for those who enjoy dark background even in phones who don't support system wide dark.
  • melhor extensão para deixar as telas escuras.
  • very helpfull очень полезная штука!
    тут есть видео каким для меня выглядит интернет https://tbs-mbs.net/post-592-pg1/
  • the best
  • Wonderful
  • yes
  • Gerçekten çok kullanışlı bir eklenti.
  • I could kiss you for this plugin. Every single one I have tried over the last few years, they just don't ALWAYS work. Some pages are iffy, at best. But with this little bit of genius? I rarely have to fiddle with it. It's nearest to perfection I have come across yet. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and the depths of my eyes, which have been saved largely thanks you, you lovely, beautiful, brilliant developer(s). I swear to Lemmy Kilmister it's like staring at a lightbulb. I'm so glad the "dark theme" bandwagon is finally on a steady roll. 😘👀💋💋💋💋❤ Smooches to everyone. 👀💋💋💋❤❤ Keep up the AMAZING work.
  • This is the ONLY way to get all the buttons in GMAIL to show up properly when you hover over them. Friggin great, so far.
  • The addon for me works like a charm on websites, however the addon suddenly today started to disabling my DarkTheme on firefox so now my newpage is white since darkreader cant touch it. I can reenable the darktheme and it works but thats a thing I wont do everytime i open firefox. Get it fixed, Im on Dark Night Mode plugin whilst this problem exists
  • nice
  • Sorry, 5-star if it works ...

    But on so many sites (i.e. getabstract.com) it hangs and blocks complete firefox for minutes and minutes with a circling ball.

    switching to light again: everything runs like a charm.

    hoping for an update (I would change to 5-star again)!