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  • One of the best ones i've used thus far.
    It used to be very buggy for the firefox version to a point where i took out the extension and used something else. But after a while, i came back to this by accident and gave it another shot.
    Did not disappoint, performed much better than most extensions.
    very good improvement
    5/5 would use
  • Nice!
  • Yıllardir keşke olsada kullansam diye aradiğim bir eklentiydi.. Gün boyu önce iş yerinde sonra evde Sürekli sürekli sürekli mönitörlere bakmaktan artik gözlerimde yanmalar olmaya başlamişti, Hem iş yerindeki PC'de hemde evimdeki PC'de kullanmaya başladiğmdan beri inanin gözlüklerimi daha az kullanmaya başladim.. Kesinlikle tavsiye ediyorum..
  • Amazingly effective. Only very few websites dont gel well with some strange anomalies but at least this add-on can be toggled on and off. Fantastic work. Thanks
  • Excellent !!
  • 全体が見やすくなりますが、処理が高負荷で低スペックのPCでは速度を低下させてしまいます。
  • This add-on saves my eyes big time while I'm doing homework. On top of this, the add-on won't make most websites look like they have been modified in any way (unlike some other add-ons which invert random images and leave blocky artifacts on webpages.) Big thanks to the creator!