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  • this treats google.com and youtube.com as same site, i want dark reader "on" on google but not on youtube because youtube has its own dark mode.
  • Super!
  • life saving extension - thank you so much !
  • Worked pretty much as advertised, but it calls out to Github. IMO, there's no reason for any extension to be calling home unless I allow it, and there's no option to stop this behavior so I'm removing this extension.
  • Il est bon en plus d'être gratuit.
    Superbe les fonctions pouvant modifier le contraste de l'aspect sobre, Il peut même rendre le navigateur complètement sombre (dans l'option [onglet] plus).
    Ce qu'il manque c'est le scheduling, c'est-à-dire l'auto-éxécution.
    Avec ça si ça reste gratuit, c'est au top..
    Mais déjà beau boulot et merci!
  • AWSOME DARK MODE. Works on google sheets which is what i need !
  • I really wanted to give this 5 stars, but there seems to be no way to reset to default settings.

    The reason why I think having a reset feature is important is because if I screw up the settings, I can just easily reset it back to default.
  • Great one.