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  • It doesn't work. Ads by the hundreds still pour through. Don't waste your time on this, look for something better. If I could give it no stars, I wold. AB is, pure and simple, crap.
    We're disappointed to see that you haven't had a good experience with AdBlock. There are often very easy solutions to prevent ads from appearing and we'd love to help understand why this is happening for you. Please reach out to us at help@getadblock.com; we'd like to ensure that you have a positive experience going forward.
  • The ABSOLUTE best AdBlock extension out there! I've used it for almost eight years and I'm happy to see it's on Firefox.
    Wonderful to hear you are enjoying AdBlock!
  • O melhor da categoria! Só falta gravar os sites permitidos na nuvem, só isso!
  • Works amazingly on every browser (by which I mean chrome and firefox, cause blegh). I WILL pay you guys someday soon for this service after I get some financial stability, but until then keep it up, you folks are awesome!