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  • good
  • très bien dans l'ensemble , quelques pubs parfois ...
  • good at stopping ads
  • I love to use this adblock in firefox as well as in chrome. But due to slow issues occur in my chrome I switched to firefox in my PC & Laptop and i'm okay with it.
  • Adblock is not what it once was. Every Important site makes me turn this feature off and when i turn it off it still thinks its on. this is my fifth time that im installing it this month. I think i don't need to block ads i need to turn off all these 2012 extensions they are not getting better and the websites are. its time to change the formula. i mean who cares how many adds it blocked good grief thats not a feature why not focus on the websites that say you have ad blocker on you cant come in. lets work on that instead of asking us to donate . sorry kid ad blocker asked first, yes i have a dollar but you dont take paypal. just follow a fat man around they drop vegetables
    Hi, Thanks for taking the time to provide your thoughts. While it is technically possible to block anti-adblock notices we chose not to take that route. Here's more on our philosophy: https://help.getadblock.com/support/solutions/articles/6000199143-why-doesn-t-adblock-bypass-anti-adblock-walls-. - AdBlock Support
  • nice!!