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  • I really want to thank you for maintaining and caring for your Extension. Outlook are always changing things around, and their recent changes stopped your Extension from working, but very quickly you attended to it, and updated it so it works again! It's a really big gift to the community - and helps us to see Outlook.com without so much wasted Advert space that nobody wants. Big thanks!! :)
  • GOOD! Thank you!
  • I would say it is not a bad thing to use, I tried using Webmail Ad blocker for various streaming sites on Firefox and it was supporting it quite well. But still when I tried using it for few other movie streaming sites like fmovies it could not stop the ad-popping up. Though it did stop the website from creating more ad's on the same page as google chrome does it.
    Over all I would say it works very well with normal day to day sites and also ask you if you are sure if you wanna go ahead with this website, but i could only tell less because this was the first time I used Webmail Ad Blocker.
  • Thank you this is great! :D
  • I used it in Chrome and was working really well and I'm using Firefox and it works great
    I love this add-on
  • Works like a charm!
    Thanks a lot to the developer!
  • It just works!
  • Cuando el complemento está activo en Firefox va alentando el nevegador mientras estoy checando o escribiendo correos. por ejemplo, me mandaron 10 fotos y al estar revisandolas llega el momento que el navegador está paralizado por tanto consumo de recursos. si desactivo el complemento todo va de maravilla.
  • thanks a lot, now my mail (outlook) looks cleaner and bigger ad-free.
  • Not bad

    But I do not like the latest update
  • this is not bad and it used to work efficiently in the past but ever since i switched to Yahoo!'s new email client interface last night, the 'Webmail Ad Blocker' started working erratically ...

    for example, the left side panel's ad is gone totally but the top side and right side panels ads are still there, although the right side panel shows only one ad instead of two ...

    some new updates / upgrades are due perhaps ...
  • simply excellent
  • thumbs up!
  • Great
  • A simple, small add-on that thankfully returns for use that infuriating wasted vertical space on the one side of the screen, when viewing Hotmail/Outlook online. Furthermore, Microsoft would always serve a pop-up within that wasted screen real-estate, telling me that I should stop using an ad-blocker, and also pay to get the wasted space re-instated, and that was a real irritation!

    All gone now, thanks to this add-on! Thank goodness we have smart developers who are prepared to tackle the garbage thrown up by entities like Microsoft, which is one of the smirking web-giants who feel that the web is merely there for them to fill their wallets.
  • 111~11
  • Finally got rid of that pesky sidebar. My ad blocker was already blocking the ads but Outlook was complaining about it, saying that I should upgrade if I want to get rid of ads. What a relief.

    Now please, also get rid of that 'Upgrade to premium' button on the lower left :)
  • I have definitely enjoyed this addon, and it works great (except for a few quirks on the nightly versions of Firefox, however I am perfectly alright with that, as it was my decision in the first place), I also put it on my family's PCs as a result.
    I have noticed that it doesn't work on Yahoo Mail's latest beta (I have verified this on the stable version of Firefox) , and only because I have uBlock Origin installed, the advertisements themselves don't show.
    While I don't use Yahoo as often, ever since I had moved over to ProtonMail, it would be nice if WebMail Ad Blocker would add support for the new beta interface on Yahoo Mail.