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  • Sometimes it work sometimes it doesn't give you options to choose which sites you want blocked. Mixed feelings here!
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  • The app does what it says it does, but it doesn't let you access the settings or anything else on the right side toolbar. You either get errors or you get a blank box that disappears after a few seconds.
  • Easy enough to get started!
  • chrome.storage.local.get(null, items => {
    if (items && !items.adForSupportDismissed) {
    var options = {
    type: "basic",
    priority: 2,
    title: "Webmail Ad Blocker",
    message: "Thank you for using this extension!\nIf you like it, consider supporting your developer with a contribution by clicking here.",
    iconUrl: "images/icon64.png"

    if (DetectClient.isChrome()) {
    options.buttons = [{title:"Remind me later"}, {title:"No, thank you"}];

    chrome.notifications.create("adForSupport", options);

    Adware included. Stay away people.
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  • This is a terrible extension as it does not allow you to choose if you want it blocking on all websites even on the ones you don't!
  • Good
  • like it
  • did the job quick smart, you need this app
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  • I really want to thank you for maintaining and caring for your Extension. Outlook are always changing things around, and their recent changes stopped your Extension from working, but very quickly you attended to it, and updated it so it works again! It's a really big gift to the community - and helps us to see Outlook.com without so much wasted Advert space that nobody wants. Big thanks!! :)
  • GOOD! Thank you!
  • I would say it is not a bad thing to use, I tried using Webmail Ad blocker for various streaming sites on Firefox and it was supporting it quite well. But still when I tried using it for few other movie streaming sites like fmovies it could not stop the ad-popping up. Though it did stop the website from creating more ad's on the same page as google chrome does it.
    Over all I would say it works very well with normal day to day sites and also ask you if you are sure if you wanna go ahead with this website, but i could only tell less because this was the first time I used Webmail Ad Blocker.