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  • I use Hotmail and AdBlock Plus. While the ad's were blocked I still lost space to where the ad's used to be. Adding this removed the dead space. Love it!
  • Awesome. Gets the job done.
  • Très utile et très bien
  • Very good Ad blocker..
  • the addon disable adds is working.
  • Очень нужное и полезное дополнение, но жаль, что работает не на всех сайтах.
    Можно было бы сделать что бы любая такая реклама блокировалась?
    Например на https://pixlr.com/editor/ я понимаю желание разработчиков зарабатывать, но реклама не должна быть в таких масштабах! Реклама занимает 1/3 часть экрана с правой стороны!
    Это уж слишком....
  • It works great !!
    I have the "Windows 8.1 x64" and the last "Firefox v41.0.2" and the Add-on works perfectly!!
    Thank you to the developer for this great Add-on!!
    Funciona a la perfección!!
    Tengo el "windows 8.1 x64" y el ultimo "Firefox v41.0.2" y el complemento funciona a la perfección!!
    Gracias al desarrollador por este gran complemento!!
  • Microsoft have updated Outlook webmail (September 2015).
    Does not work anymore. Adverts on right hand side using Firefox 40.0. Would be good again if fixed.
  • As of yesterday this add on no longer works on outlook.live.com/owa. The problem is the ad space to the right of the page is present, taking away from the space for emails.

    Update: Promptly sent the developer several screenshots of the issue, including screenshots using the inspector feature of Firefox and got no resolution. Developer suggested that I give him access to my Outlook account so he could investigate the problem further. RIGHT!!!!!

    UPDATE: After a couple months, this problem has finally been fixed!
    Can you send me a screenshot of the issue or follow this http://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Webmail_Ad_Blocker
  • It's great, gets the job done well! Just one comment, is it possible to put in a settings to select which sites to activate on? Since I actually like the widget on Gmail, and I'd already blocked the ads with Adblock Plus. Looks great on Outlook.com though!
  • Ottima estensione, nasconde la pubblicità dai siti per la gestione di email online come Yahoo Mail, Gmail e Hotmail, inoltre non toglie solo la pubblicità, ma lo spazio che era occupato dalla pubblicità viene riutilizzato per ampliare lo spazio per la visione dei messaggi.
  • this add-on is prefect! thank you :)
  • Sometimes, in Yahoo Mail, it reverts back to not blocking all the web ads. Disabling and Renabling the add on or restarting the browser (Firefox 37.0.2) usually corrects the issue. Please see why this is happening. Thanks

    No idea of what may be causing it. Sometimes, just in the Inbox sorting the emails. A bit of a bother for an otherwise fine add on.
    There is probably a specific sequence or action you take in your Yahoo Mail that triggers the issue, try to remember next time what steps you took before the issue occurs. This will help me a lot.
  • Thanks for this add-on. Pretty good and effective
  • Easy to add. Simple in execution. Works. Solves the annoyance of the in your face stupid ads wasting your email real estate. Liked it so much I actually paid the guy for it by donating. If you know me.. thats saying something more than 5 stars.
    it's very appreciated - contribution and the review :)
  • Thanks Jason. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as they say. And what I don't see is beautiful! For me, it works perfectly on both Chrome and Firefox in Yahoo Mail and Hotmail. I'm using FF ver 35.0.1 and Chrome ver 40.0.x. No adds anywhere using your version 4.28. Cheers!
  • Using Yahoo email and it's not blocking the ads. I almost can't use due to the ads for ASPCA showing animals. I have a screen print. Please respond or I'll remove the add-on.
    please refer to this FAQ http://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Webmail_Ad_Blocker
  • Sorry about my comment below: it works fine now, I think it was because I changed something in my Firefox Privacy settings.
    You can download it here https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/webmail-ad-blocker/versions/
    or wait for it to go live in about week.
  • Did not work at all for me. Installed the app, went into Yahoo Mail, ads were still there.
    Can you send me a screenshot of the issue? more details here http://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Webmail_Ad_Blocker
  • This add-on put a big smile on my face when I visited my email. :)

    Haha! Keep up the good work, my friend.
    This review had the same effect on me ;)
  • work in outlook.com perfectly
  • This works great with Firefox! To say I hate ads on my webmail is an understatement. I get all kinds of crazy dating ads and other nonsense that's very distracting. Jason's Ad Blocker is the only add on that's helped. Thanks!
  • Superb! Hotmail video ads were slowing Firefox and driving me nuts. Now they're GONE!
  • This add-on is wonderful! I tried 2 separate add ons prior to installing this one to remove gmail ads at bottom and top of page. I had already opted-out, the ads were still there. This one worked seamlessly! needless to say, I deleted the other 2 add-ons and kept this.
  • Using a smaller monitor and bothered by the tiny amount of space webmail allows you to read messages in?

    This is the fix.