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  • Worked great until today. I gave it 4 stars because I'm hoping the developer will fix it ASAP. When it's working, it rates 5 stars.
    The fix is awaiting Firefox's review process which takes a few days. It's already fixed in the Chrome extension version.
  • hotmail and outlook accounts have the same interface,So it's weird why this happened.
    fullsize screenshots already uploaded to your forum https://jasonsavard.com/forum

    same title:just weird

    pls take a look,Thanks
  • Works just fine! Contrary to OTHER ad blockers... this one really blocks ads in my outlook mail page (www.outlook.com)
  • it works great
  • The extension is very useful for people who are curious about what font a page is using. However, my problem is that it slows Firefox down dramatically on my computer (Fedora 22, Firefox 39, 2.2 GHz dual-core with 2 GB RAM). I know, not a high-end machine, but without this extension, everything is pretty snappy. I use several other extensions and none of the others have this problem.
    This is the simplest of all extensions with barely 50 lines of code and only has access to webmail sites - so it's probably not the culprit or you would see many more reviews like this one.
  • Webmail Ad Blocker has been a great addon for Palemoon. However with the Update to Palemoon v27.0 the extension no longer works. If you could find the time to look at this it would be much appreciated.
  • Very useful tool. Works great!
  • It's a useful tool! I use the hotmail (outlook.com), and it has advertising in the right side. After I use this addons, the advertising disappear and have more space in the right side! Thank you! In addition, I hope our privacy can be guaranteed.
  • fine.
  • Works great! Thanks!
  • Ta!
  • Keeps opening webpage of WABInstall (https://jasonsavard.com/?ref=WABInstall)
    And im tired of it, so uninstalling good riddance !
    More info on the fix https://jasonsavard.com/forum/discussion/2768/i-think-webmail-ad-blocker-hijacked-my-start-page#latest
  • I cannot sign-in or comment thru links provided on wab website, so i have to do it here.

    So, it's true... the redirect glitch is directly related to setting Firefox to clear history upon closing. Any other combination of settings seem to work fine. It appears there is no immediate solution other than to not use the extension.
    I just found a possible fix and have updated it in the thread: https://jasonsavard.com/forum/discussion/2768/i-think-webmail-ad-blocker-hijacked-my-start-page#latest
  • Très facile à installer, sans redémarrer. Et hop ! Fini les pubs ! Bravo et merci au concepteur.
  • Would certainly appreciate Pale Moon support.

    Most recent compatible version for Pale Moon that works is v4.25.1, which works great for everything except that it does not include right side space issues for Outlook Preview unfortunately that was included in the most recent 4.29 build apparently.

    5-stars because the add-on is perfect otherwise, thankfully working seamlessly for all other email providers.
  • Thank you this is great! :D
  • Now I can use full space of Outlook, Yahoo ,etc. This actually relieved a lot of frustration. Would love to see more addons for firefox.
  • This is great add-on and i really do appreciate it , i wish i had money to contribute to this add-on cause i would do so. this is more than a five star. God Bless You !!!
  • The extension do a very good job on yahoo and outlook. However on Yahoo the blur effect is not extended on the right side. When using a theme with an image as wallpaper, it makes difficult to read the text on that zone. If the extension developer could fix it, it will be nice.
  • I use Hotmail and AdBlock Plus. While the ad's were blocked I still lost space to where the ad's used to be. Adding this removed the dead space. Love it!
  • Awesome. Gets the job done.
  • Très utile et très bien
  • Very good Ad blocker..