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  • I've been using this extension for longer than I can remember. Over the past several days, I noticed that outlook.com was telling me I was using an Ad Blocker. Since the ads weren't there, I didn't give it much thought, but then realized this message was still stealing space from my screen. I went to the support forum where I saw that Jason was aware of the problem, had already corrected the problem in Chrome, and was JUST ABOUT to release a fix for firefox. I applied the latest version which indeed removed the message from Microsoft.

    I think I've enjoyed this plugin enough to make a monetary contribution, but don't want to become a patron. Still looking for a place to make a one-time contribution.
  • A one-time essential add-on ..... But .... (for me since December 2018) Microsoft seemed to have gained the better of it in Outlook/Hotmail on Firefox 63.0.3. Jason, I hope you can sort this.

    Stop Press +++ The extension is now functioning as intended. Back to 5 Stars.
  • It works and lives again awesome thanks for the fix.
  • Great add-on, but within last 24hrs or so it's been failing to work atlease for Outlook, plz fix developer, would really appreciate... Thanks
  • No longer working for Outlook in Comodo Ice Dragon, Google Chrome and Waterfox web browsers since 3 days ago, please fix it, thanks!
  • Great app, I have been using it for years problem free.
  • Kaspersky reports malware for this addon. Be aware!
  • Used to work well for Yahoo mail but not anymore in the last 7 days or so. Can you issue a patch? TiA
  • Is working well now.
  • Good job.
  • This works!!!
  • I am doing a happy dance - your blocker works on my Juno email, too !!!
  • Thank you so... MUUUUUCH!!!
  • Works great. Big thanks to the developer!
  • Works great in removing that obnoxious banner on the side of Outlook. That darn thing took up a quarter of the screen for absolutely no reason.