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  • Génial, je cherchais depuis un moment déjà, le moyen de supprimer ce bandeau de pub sur le côté droit de la fenêtre des mails, sans succès jusqu'à maintenant. Et là, ça marche !
    Mérite amplement les cinq étoiles. Chapeau bas !
  • Excellent for Yahoo mail. Need to add "Viglink" (sponsored link) to get rid of contact card of email in right margin. I added it to uBlock in the meantime.
  • Excellent
  • I am an old, do mean OLD, like 70 yrs. + programmer; from back "in the day". With neurological challenges, financial hardships, {SSI is NOT an award, regardless of what anyone says 2 U !} and if I were independently wealthy, I'd contribute FIRST to this site ... excellent work ! I appreciate all the kids who did this ... Kudos ... & be sure ya'll establish a safe place for your hard earned $$$ ... 'cause U will surely NEED them in retirement ... there R no GOLDEN YEARS ... FAKE NEWS ! just sayin .... Bonnie K.
  • It works so easy!
  • Thank you for some fix. This add-on works very well.
  • Goooooood
  • блокирует рекламу нормально)
  • Fantastic add-on. Completely gets rid of those ugly blank empty spaces regular ad blockers can't hide.
  • Sometimes it work sometimes it doesn't give you options to choose which sites you want blocked. Mixed feelings here!
  • Bien
  • The app does what it says it does, but it doesn't let you access the settings or anything else on the right side toolbar. You either get errors or you get a blank box that disappears after a few seconds.
  • Easy enough to get started!
  • chrome.storage.local.get(null, items => {
    if (items && !items.adForSupportDismissed) {
    var options = {
    type: "basic",
    priority: 2,
    title: "Webmail Ad Blocker",
    message: "Thank you for using this extension!\nIf you like it, consider supporting your developer with a contribution by clicking here.",
    iconUrl: "images/icon64.png"

    if (DetectClient.isChrome()) {
    options.buttons = [{title:"Remind me later"}, {title:"No, thank you"}];

    chrome.notifications.create("adForSupport", options);

    Adware included. Stay away people.
  • 便利で最高
  • This is a terrible extension as it does not allow you to choose if you want it blocking on all websites even on the ones you don't!