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  • Kaspersky reports malware for this addon. Be aware!
  • Used to work well for Yahoo mail but not anymore in the last 7 days or so. Can you issue a patch? TiA
  • Is working well now.
  • Good job.
  • This works!!!
  • I am doing a happy dance - your blocker works on my Juno email, too !!!
  • Thank you so... MUUUUUCH!!!
  • Works great. Big thanks to the developer!
  • Works great in removing that obnoxious banner on the side of Outlook. That darn thing took up a quarter of the screen for absolutely no reason.

  • Génial, je cherchais depuis un moment déjà, le moyen de supprimer ce bandeau de pub sur le côté droit de la fenêtre des mails, sans succès jusqu'à maintenant. Et là, ça marche !
    Mérite amplement les cinq étoiles. Chapeau bas !
  • Excellent for Yahoo mail. Need to add "Viglink" (sponsored link) to get rid of contact card of email in right margin. I added it to uBlock in the meantime.
  • Excellent
  • I am an old, do mean OLD, like 70 yrs. + programmer; from back "in the day". With neurological challenges, financial hardships, {SSI is NOT an award, regardless of what anyone says 2 U !} and if I were independently wealthy, I'd contribute FIRST to this site ... excellent work ! I appreciate all the kids who did this ... Kudos ... & be sure ya'll establish a safe place for your hard earned $$$ ... 'cause U will surely NEED them in retirement ... there R no GOLDEN YEARS ... FAKE NEWS ! just sayin .... Bonnie K.
  • It works so easy!