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  • It really works.
    However, if the following keys can also be added to activate the Panic Button in addition to the F9 key, it would have been better:
    1. F1 key
    2. F9 key
    3. both the left & the right buttons of the mouse depressed at
    the same time.
    Now users can have 3 ways of activating the Panic Button!
    Thank you.

  • Brilliant!! = ) ) )

  • The new version version completely destroys the old windows and tabs. I lose all state. It is not a quick change anymore either, my computer isn't the fastest. It is very noticeably slow and opening and loading the new window. The closing is slow but the new window shows first covering it. So I can live.

  • exelent addon. very happy that you got it working in ff57
    would you be able to get this addon to give us seprate buttons so that we can have a button on the tool bar for each action. i would find it very useful to have 1 button to close all windows and a second with the option to minimize all. currently i have to chose to have 'close all windows' only as there is no other addon capable of doing the same as yours. nither is there a button to 'minimize all' which works the same as yours, the best others have been able to do is only minimize the tabs other than the open one in that window only which comes no where close to your option any way thanks for the work you have done i will be keeping an eye out for any other addons you develop

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  • Used to love this addon, but last week there was an update or something that totally changed it for the worse.

    1) Used to be able to change the hotkey (I used F1) but it's now locked to F9.
    2) "Hide Windows" used to minimize the window into a small icon, roughly the size of a desktop icon. This is no longer an option.
    3) It straight up doesn't work. After using the "Hide and Replace" option makes the hidden page, I can't reopen the hidden page(s). I've tried pressing F9, clicking the 'Panic Button' icon, nothing works.

    I might be wrong, and just not using it right, but I like to think of myself as relatively tech savvy.

  • ok

  • Is it possible to have in the option"hide and replace" more than a url? When opening and clicking the panic button, open a window with more than one tab? A tab is often suspected to be just one. It was great

  • Is there a way to add a password?

    Replica dello sviluppatore

    Not at this time, but the ability to do that will be considered for a future release. Thanks!

  • Hello please make it possible to hide a specific window (not all). Thanks !

  • Great for households that have curious young kids running around.

  • これは、便利!
    ワン・クリックで、「ブラウザ」を “非表示(&スリープ)化” します。



  • Nice but size of 200K+ is so much for this kind of functionality.

  • Easy Simple and flawless

  • I tried Save My Ass. But had problems with it. Your add-on is great and very useful and helpful. With one click I can hide Firefox completely and I get a small window where I can restore my browser at any time.

    It also "freezes" Firefox, while it's hidden, in the background (useful to save memory). But it's not good to hide Firefox when you're editing (forum) comments. After restoring, the page will be re-loaded and your work lost! But, anyway, it's better to hide secrets from your boss than that he knows what a bad boy you was! Do NOT forget to close your browser completely when you're going out!!! Otherwise, your boss will restore Firefox! Five stars for your GREAT add-on.

  • so convenient and freaking awesome. thanks

  • I like the app its very useful to hide what you don't want people to see you doing. Unfortunately the return from hide and replace in private browsing doesn't actually open a private window therefore keeping the history after restoring. since private browsing is the mode in which I need this add-on and it doesn't work properly it's not very useful in my case. Please fix this and I'll update my review.

  • good job

  • This is app is awesome! It's quick and easy + so simple to use! I seriously give all five stars for this. =)

  • Nice - works as advertised for hiding windows quickly; but I was aggravated that the restored session was always different - sometimes opening two or more windows with the exact same tabs - frustrating. Other times, tabs would be dropped altogether.

    Also, it would help if the toolbar button had a hover tip, so that I could identify it more readily.

  • Perfect if you do something you shouldn't at work lol.

  • Does exactly what it needs to do! The only problem is that the icon is not transparent and doesn't work with a dark theme.

  • This is ALMOST great, but the way it "hides" tabs is kind of frustrating. It essentially closes the tabs, so restoring them also has to reload all of them. "Hide Tab" has a better method of temporarily hiding tabs without messing with the session. Unfortunately it also adds a bunch of unremoveable context menu items & can barely be customized. It would be great if this addon could incorporate Hide Tab's functionality, without all the bad stuff! https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/hidetab/?src=search

  • Pretty good but it would be nice to have a customizable keyboard shortcut.

  • This is a good add-on if used in combination with "MinimizeToTray revived 1.1.2". That addresses Trasher and julija_ua comments. You can choose for the Panic Button to "Minimize all Windows" and it goes to the system tray.