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  • Awesome!
  • The best add on ever. Build a email in dreamweaver. Live preview it. Save as single file. Open the single file in dreamweaver. Cut and paste it into a thunderbird htlm email and you are done.

    Perfect html email including images and css text. Please never stop supporting this add on.

    After sometime I found one bug. "The print function" does not work after making it a single file:-(
    Thank you very much for your review! Note that the "Save selection" entry in the contextual menu could also help you to save the interesting part in the page. You can also press the Ctrl key to select multiple parts if necessary.
  • Good 👍
  • Can you add an option to hide the Tab context menu that was recently added to this extension?

    Thank you, that worked.
    Thanks for your review. It's currently possible via a hidden option. Export your settings and change the value of "tabMenuEnabled" in the exported file to false (it's set to true by default). Then, you just have to import this modified file and the menu entry should disappear.

    You're welcome!
  • Awesome. Small single file, txt-searchable. No problems so far.
  • I don't know why Firefox removed the "save page as html" function, it is useful and necessary,Thank you gildas.
  • Hello, this add-on was perfect until few weeks ago: Firefox, now, alerts about the missing of the sign for this add-on, and so, for security it has been disabled. I think that an update can solve the problem, but for now it's unusable on Firefox mobile. Thanks for your development; please, update it and make it able to run (5 stars). Greetings
    Hi, thanks for the review. This was a Firefox issue, cf. https://blog.mozilla.org/addons/2019/05/04/update-regarding-add-ons-in-firefox/. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do personally to correct this problem. It should be fixed if you let Android updating your browser.

    Edit: I published approximately 10 versions since your review. Are you still unable to install the extension?
  • Works great. It is especially useful for annoying situations that you are not allowed to download a webpage.
    It would be 5 start if it did not inflate the size of saved file. (I understand that is how Base64 encoding works and not necessarily a fault of the addon).
    Thank you for the review. I do my best to make the saved pages as small as possible by removing the most of unnecessary HTML and CSS. It is already a lot of work, unfortunately I can't do more.

    Edit: actually I can do more, check SingleFileZ here: https://github.com/gildas-lormeau/SingleFileZ
  • Works but im a bit wondering how it doesn't save scripts on your pc when saving an page really nice add-on!
  • A MUST HAVE ! Simple, efficient...
  • Much better than "Save Page We" which is the only other alternative.
    Thank you! Now there's also SingleFileZ :)
    More info here: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/singlefilez
  • This "data URI scheme" puts too much crap into the webpage which makes it unsearchable by Windows Index.
    You can report an issue on Windows by following the procedure described for example here: https://www.howtogeek.com/368667/how-to-report-a-problem-or-send-feedback-about-windows-10

    Regarding SingleFile, please post your feature requests or issues here: https://github.com/gildas-lormeau/SingleFile/issues

    Please note that SingleFile, unlike Windows, is free (open-source), and maintained by a team of one guy on his spare time.

    EDIT: To fix this issue, I recommend you to take a look at SingleFileZ here: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/singlefilez