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  • Works great! Thank you for making this!
  • thanks, it's useful.
  • henhaoyong
  • nice
  • It meets my need to save information for research. Thank you, Developer.
  • Thank you very much for the extension, I am very glad that you fixed my problem
    [UPDATED] This issue has been fixed in the version 1.9.79. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

    To people reading my response. Please don't report issues in the reviews. Technically speaking, we cannot have conversations here. Please contact me via the "Support Email" link (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/single-file) or file an issue here: https://github.com/gildas-lormeau/SingleFile/issues. I'll do my best to fix your issue.
  • [UPDATED] Excellent add-on, it saves much time for me. If used with bookmarklets reformatting the pages, it really does magic.

    My previous report was wrong, the add-on works. I couldn't notice the download because of option "Ask the file name" get disabled somewhat. So - good work, good luck with the proceeding.
    [UPDATED] Thanks! :) Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any issue
  • indonesia
    addons yang sangat bagus, mampu menyimpan halaman web dengan sempurna (dengan hanya memproduksi 1 html file). caranya hanya dengan pencet ikon SingleFile di toolbar, maka halaman akan tersimpan dengan sempurna di folder download. setelah itu bisa dibuka secara offline baik di pc maupun hp android. saya bisa membaca artikel wikipedia yang saya simpan di pc dan juga di android! sedikit catatan, addons ini juga kompatible untuk firefox di android!

    kekurangan: menyimpan halaman bisa sangat lambat jika kamu ingin menyimpan halaman yang berat dan rumit dengan spek komputer yang pas-pasan. saya punya laptop dengan spesifikasi: 2008 intel core2duo 2ghz, 2gb ram. untuk menyimpan halaman yang berat seperti artikel review di Android Police sangat menderita. belum lagi firefox punya masalah ketika menutup tab dia tidak langsung mengurangi jumlah rammnya, tertunda beberapa menit

    terima kasih dan kerja bagus buat Gildas, developernya juga selalu update secara berkala ini addons supaya bekerja dengan baik. cobalah, kamu tidak akan menyesal! dan buat donasi kepada gildas jika dia mau menerima donasi!

    edit 1: update review & typo
    edit 2: tambah spek laptop saya

    very good addons, capable of storing web pages perfectly (by only producing 1 html file). the way is just by pressing the SingleFile icon on the toolbar, then the page will be stored perfectly in the download folder. after that it can be opened offline both on the pc and on the android phone. I can read wikipedia articles that I save on PC and also on Android! a little note, these addons are also compatible for Firefox on Android!

    disadvantages: saving pages can be very slow if you want to keep heavy and complicated pages with mediocre computer specs. I have a laptop with specifications: 2008 intel core2duo 2ghz, 2gb ram. to save heavy pages like a review article on Android Police is suffering a lot. not to mention Firefox has a problem when closing the tab he does not immediately reduce the number of ramms, delayed a few minutes

    thank you and good work for Gildas, the developer also regularly updates these addons to work properly. try it, you won't regret it! and make a donation to Gildas if he wants to receive a donation!

    edit 1: update review & typo
    edit 2: add my laptop spec
    Thanks a lot for the review! I do not accept donations yet. However I accept translations! To anyone reading my comment, please contact me if you want to help make SingleFile more accessible for everyone.
  • Very nice and full of promises addon compared to "Save Page WE".

    At a later time, I guess - i'm not sure - that an html file including all (text + images + links) won't give the same problems as a page saved into an *.mht format not opening anymore as with "save page WE" !!!

    What would be really wonderful with "SingleFile" would be ... being able to "HIGHLIGTH" TEXT & WRITES NOTES ... before or after the html singlefile is created.

    Is there a way to do this and save the changes ?

    Thanks for answers.
    Thanks for the review. I also think that HTML is the safest format to save pages. Regarding the annotations, I will try to implement something like you described. This feature is in the bug tracker on Github. I will need some time to implement it though.
  • very good,安卓上也能用