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  • Очень не хватает возможности:
    1. Показывать сохранять адрес страницы и отображать в всплывающей панели вверху
    Very lacking:
    1. Save the full address of the page and display it in the pop-up panel at the top.
    Thanks for your review! You can see the full URL in the source code itself or by hovering the mouse on the icon to open the original page (in the infobar). It will display the URL in a tooltip.

    edit: since the version 1.8.0, you can customize the text content of the infobar. For example, you can display the URL of the saved page.
  • Works very well.
    Though, the size of the single html file is bigger, than the regular Save As files + folders total size.
    Thanks for the review! Make sure "remove hidden elements" is active in your settings. This option was not enabled by default before the version 1.7 and can really help to reduce the size of the page without altering its content.
  • Thank you.
  • I have to say, I have used this extension on Chrome and for me it is the best html save addon there is. Thank you for porting it to Firefox!
  • Very good alternative of the mighty Mozilla Archive Format plugin.
  • SingleFile incorrectly stores symbols with accented marks. For example, save this page: https://www.dumudaviklis.lt/dumu-detektoriu-montavimas/
    and compare letters ū, ų, Ė...
    Thanks for the review and reporting the issue, it is fixed in the version 1.6.23.
  • Great extension!

    I agree with a recycler.fox
    Please write notes after the update
    Thanks for the review. You're right, I'll try to give some info when I push a new version. I know that viewing the commit history on GitHub is not an acceptable solution :p.
  • Works great. Will be even greater to see Release Notes - updates are so frequent that it raises curiosity and fear to miss a new feature.
  • Позволяет сохранить страницу в один файл. Это гораздо удобнее, чем стандартная функция.
  • この手の魚拓ツールでは「Mozilla Archive Format, with MHT and Faithful Save.(MAFF)」
    が決定版でした。しかし、残念なことに「Legacy addons」になり、WebExtension の「API」により、廃版(更新不能)になってしまいました。WebExtension 規格のものに満足できる代替品が見当たらず、Legacy addons を使用できる Waterfox、Pale Moon を併用する動機になりました。

    しかし、この「SingleFile」は「MAFF」と同等です。HTML ファイルを「単一のファイル」で保存できます。(標準実装「名前を付けてページを保存...」や他の同種の魚拓ツールでは、要素別のファイルが複数生成され、フォルダー管理スタイルでの保存になり、サイズが巨大になるうえ、再現性も不確実のものがある)
    Github(https://github.com/gildas-lormeau/SingleFile)やサポートメールを通じて、迅速、且つ丁寧な応答が得られます。issue(解決すべき問題)や Requests(要望)が、直ぐに、更新版に反映されます。一日のうちに、何度も「更新版」が Release されるほどです。

    Save any webpage as a single file in Chrome or Firefox
    (意訳:Chrome や Firefox で、ウェブページを 1つのファイルとして保存できる)
    by Martin Brinkmann on September 03, 2018
    Author Rating(評価):★★★★★(満点です!)
  • Really cool extension for OSINT. Much better than the regular "save page option".
    Instant adoption for this add-on, I really already love it.
    One suggestion : Could it be possible to generate a sha256 fingerprint of the fileat the same time?

    Thank you!
    This is now possible since version 1.6.14. Look at the option "File name > template" to see how to add the hash to the filename.
  • Only just installed it, went through the settings and have saved a couple of pages, but it appears to do what it says on the tin.

    I've found some pages will not save, however - The icon on the bar stays greyed out, and I get no action other than the page dimming when I click on the icon.

    Will leave it installed and test it further.
    Hi! Thank you very much for your review. I'm very interested to know the pages you cannot save. If you have some time, please send me an email (you can find it on the extension page). If you prefer, you can file an issue here: https://github.com/gildas-lormeau/SingleFile/issues.
  • Indispensable !
  • One of the best addons ever, seriously.
    Combine this with a junk remover such as uBlock Origin and you can archive pages as a single file WITHOUT all the junk you removed. The author suggests NOT enabling the option to remove invisible items. I prefer to get rid of them.