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  • very good,安卓上也能用
  • This extension works great. Thank you very much.
  • Great addon, but the amount om updates is annoying. Why not bundle them?
    Thanks for the review! I cannot really afford this because I lack resources to test bundle releases. I prefer to release bug fixes as soon as possible. Thus, I minimize risks of regression and, generally speaking, make the code more stable. I understand it is annoying, I'm sorry for that.
  • This addon goes above and beyond the description. It saves the webpage as a single html and has several options to manipulate the final output, like minification of css, removal of unused styles etc. Even better, if you have an adblocker installed in the browser, the saved webpage will not have ads or any of the DOMs you have chosen to hide. Great addition for archiving purposes.
  • great addon, especially support for smartphone.
  • AWESOME ! Best page-save addon using WE. Thank you !
  • Finally gave up on Wallabag, an open source version of 'read it later'. this is in many respects, far superior to either! The only request I have so far is to have a default save to location other than firefox's default download folder. Yes, I know I can configure where to place downloads via 'save as' in ff, but this is a unique instance.
    Thanks for the review! Unfortunately, it's not technically possible for extensions to save files in another folder. However, with filename templates (cf. options), you can define a sub-folder in the download folder where to save files. For example if you prefix the template with 'saved-files/', all your files will be saved in this sub-folder. I hope this will suffice to fix your issue.
  • Take to much time for saving pages
    Thanks for your review. Since the extension can be installed on Android, I do my best to make it run as fast as possible. However, the settings by default in SingleFile are optimized to produce small pages. If you prefer to prioritize the save speed, I recommend to disable the following options "save deferred images", "compress HTML content", "compress CSS content", and maybe "remove unused styles".
  • ' The most advanced tool for saving a webpage! '
    Archiving always is a hard job but with "SingleFile" let's say WAS a hard job. SingleFile is the right add-on for saving a webpage as a whole and single HTML file which captures all the content just by one click. It saves your time in order to find the specific info about the original address (not the one on your hard drive) and the date that the webpage visited. There's also some more advantages to other available add-ons for saving duty as listed below:
    + Save hidden objects (like drop-down menus)
    + Much faster saving!!!
    + Save all open tabs by one click
    + Auto-Save
    + High compatibility by other browsers

    Thanks for reading my review!
    Thanks Behzad :)