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  • The Auto-save all tabs feature was extremely helpful when I wished to use this as part of an automated solution to read the HTML of a site that was blocking all my standard Linux programs. (So I now run Firefox with the URL in question and then this extension automatically grabs its source code.)

    To run Firefox with a URL just type firefox https://example.com. You can set it up to work with a VNC program if you don't want it to display on the screen.
  • Fantastic extension, and it worked on one of the longest Reddit threads I know of (when nothing else did). No flaws, quick execution, and even open source!

    Thank you for this!
  • super simple to use and doing the job. Excellent
  • Awesome. Simple & Very useful.
  • Perfectly replaces a discontinued UNMHT and MAF addons!
  • What I was looking for to avoid web clippers !
  • Hello.
    Pages remained ideally!
    Here only there are the big lack: it are impossible to choose manually a way (the necessary folder) for preservation of each page.
    At present, all pages remained on a system disk which are intend for
    storages of system files, instead of files automobile, musical, scientific, culinary
    and other themes in an one general heap.
    At a great number of the ke pages - it are absolutely impossible to understand this heap.

    *** Correction:
    Thanks for the help.
    Understanding with a conclusion of a window "save as". All worked.
    I changes the estimation on 5.

    But in Firefox settings - always I uses "to give out inquiry about preservation", and Firefox - remembered last folder in whom the page remaining, and the folder of loadings by default - are inactive, though are called "Loadings".
    At preservation of the following page, the same way opened, and it are not necessary again and to choose again a disk, a folder, subfolder, each time since a disk of "C".
    And the this version of your addition - did not remember a final journey of preservation and always used the fixed folder. Even at possibility to change a way in options and profiles -
    it are much more less convenient, in comparison with storing of a last journey of preservation.

    Tell please, whether you planned to add an option "to remember a final journey of preservation"?
    In advance Thanks.
    Thank you for the review. You can indeed display the "Save as" dialog if necessary. There is an option for that and it's documented, see "File name > open the save as dialog to confirm the filename". By default, files are automatically saved into your downloads folder. If you want to choose another folder, configure Firefox to save files into this folder, see https://support.mozilla.org/kb/where-find-and-manage-downloaded-files-firefox#w_change-where-downloads-are-saved. Finally, the template of the file name in SingleFile allows you to save files in a sub-folder of your downloads folder, see the help page in SingleFile for more info.

    EDIT: Uncheck "Misc. > Save pages in background" to remember the last location of your saved files. It's documented in the known issues here: https://github.com/gildas-lormeau/SingleFile#known-issues.

    EDIT #2: You may also need to enable "Always ask you where to save files" in the options page of Firefox and disable "File name > open the save as dialog to confirm the filename" in SingleFile. Otherwise a simple "save as" popup will be displayed before the native "save as" dialog.
  • perfect plugin
  • so good for now. i would like to know which tag works to name my saved file as i want. i can t manage my files correctly if i saved many pages from the same website. it has all the same page-title. where can i find the tags to custom the name ?
    Thanks for the review. In SingleFile, tags are called "variables". They allow you to customize the name of the file with dynamic values (e.g. the save date, the title). You can customize the name via the setting "File name > template" in the options page. See the chapter "Template variables" in the help page (via the link at the bottom left in the options page) for more info about the list of variables you can use. Note that you can also save pages into sub folders of your download folder by using "/" in the template to define sub-folders.
  • An indispensable tool for content caching.