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  • Cant find the "Display CSS per element" (don't know, what it was actually called) function anymore. To see what css is applied to an element and where to find that css was the most useful function for me. Sad. :(

    UPDATE: Thanks for the info chrispederick! Its so sad, that obviously Firefox itself crippled this once awesome add-on.
    My five stars are in remembrance of the "Web Developer" we used to know. :(
    The ‘Display Style Information’ feature had to be removed as Firefox removed the APIs that it was using. The best replacement for this feature is the CSS inspector built into the browser developer tools:

  • Era a melhor extensão no segmento, nota 0 atualmente.
  • love this add on
  • Legacy version with toolbar and everything such as we used to love before.
  • This is a great extension that I've used for years. Unfortunately FF 57 has partly crippled it. I'm keeping my FF at 56 and installing an prior version of Web Developer until FF fixes its API (which it probably won't). But I really want to thank chrispederick for his great work on this and updating it for FF 57 as best as possible.
    I have a dozen critical extensions and 9 of them are still "Legacy" with no suitable replacements. Unfortunately all of the three that were updated have lost functionality I need. So I'm guessing that's why the others aren't updating because there's no way to do it without breaking what they're trying to do. So looks like FF 56 Forever. Or if I'm going to have to lose all my extensions, I might as well look for a new web browser too. FF is no longer going to have real useful extensions anymore. Which is sad as I've been using FF since the days of the Mozilla browser.
  • No toolbar anymore, only a button? Why, oh why... One unnecessary click more is needed to get same functionality as before :( Otherwise a must have add-on for a web developer!

    EDIT: Okay, it's FF to blame. Damn.
  • seems cool
  • Found it on internet, view responsive layout make me really impressive, but dont order view mobile in column, moblie potrait and mobile landscape can be same row for more convenient. Wait for next update
  • I loved this addon, but only until the actual version came. I can't use this anymore, the old version is really very good. This actual version is worst. The option to see dom source code and to personalize to outline elements I want is the best for me. Why you modified a so good addon. Sorry, falled down in my concept.

    The rules of Firefox will be the same as Chrome, plastering the good extensions developers
  • OLD version was better i could hover over and see the css information. the function is disapperared and the addon is now useless for me.
  • This is an excellent extension!!

    *** To Other Reviewers*** The changes to functionality, including the tool bar and java are solely caused by Mozilla when they changed the extension API. Chris can not do anything about this until Mozilla updates the API. Send negative feedback to Mozilla.

    To get back some of the functionality, switch to Chrome.
  • Chrome version has pop-up blocker Can you add that to next version please.

    Thank you for replying me
    That is something I’m looking to add in a future release.
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