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  • This is endlessly useful. I rely on it every day. Thanks!
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  • Great work. Thanks for this tool.
  • Y'all ready know!
  • So many great tools. Thanks for all the hard work over the years :)
  • Many important options is not working in newest version of Web Developer!
    1-Display CSS by Media Type
    2-View CSS Style information
    1. I hadn't had that reported as an issue previously, but it does look to be no longer working. I'll try to fix this for the next version.
    2. This is a known issue already marked as fixed for the next version: http://chrispederick.com/work/web-developer/issues/#item-2453711321
  • I would rate the previous version (maybe it's not updated at all, but just Firefox updated!) as top five star, however now this tool has not been displayed as a full toolbar. Instead, it now displays as a button... It's terrible. I would believe Firefox to blame. Firefox new versions have destroyed so many great addons!

    However, for the author of the addon, it would be of great help if you can update the tool to get compatible with Firefox... Thanks in advance!
    All of the changes in the extension were required by Firefox as they have switched to a new system for extensions. There is nothing I can do on my end to work around this unfortunately.
  • Hello,
    I loved this addon until the previous version. I made an update yesterday, the actual (22/1/18) version came. I can't use this anymore, the old version is really very good.
    This actual version is worst. Just one button, and the display password ( for example) does not run any long. Yesterday it was possible, today no.
    Same problem on Chrome.

    I still run FF 49.0.2 to prevent lot of problems since the 50.xx came.

    Please, how to get back, or download as file, a previous version ?

    Anyway, thank you for the job

    Big thanks for your answer Chris, i will visit the given link asap, at the moment I use my phone to reply.
    Take care, warm regards.
    Older versions of the extension are available here, but note that they are not supported and will not work in future versions of Firefox:

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  • Cant find the "Display CSS per element" (don't know, what it was actually called) function anymore. To see what css is applied to an element and where to find that css was the most useful function for me. Sad. :(

    UPDATE: Thanks for the info chrispederick! Its so sad, that obviously Firefox itself crippled this once awesome add-on.
    My five stars are in remembrance of the "Web Developer" we used to know. :(
    The ‘Display Style Information’ feature had to be removed as Firefox removed the APIs that it was using. The best replacement for this feature is the CSS inspector built into the browser developer tools:

  • Era a melhor extensão no segmento, nota 0 atualmente.
  • love this add on