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  • A must have for any web developer! I prefer this WebExtension (v2.0.1) than the old one (XUL extension).
  • Genial!!!
  • It's crap after 56.02 Firefox. Same shitty thing as on Chrome. Still have FF 56 and FF Nightly. I see no other workaround.
  • Unfortunately version 1.2.13 doesn't work with FF 62.x
    Suggestion to developer: Go back and fix 1.2.13 to work with FF 62.x
  • if you are a developer, this is a must have extension.
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  • muy útil con toda la cantidad de herramientas que tiene. Echo en falta una opción para mostrar los id cuando pasamos el puntero del ratón por encima de un elemento
  • Super praktisch
  • You turned this great extension to a pile of shit
    As somebody mentioned in below i did a downgrade on "moz://a firefox" :)) and installed the old version of this extension.
  • 初学者,还在使用初级阶段,无法给出评论,谢谢