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  • A broken extension by people who are incapable of listening to feedback. Not a good combination.

    Let's just say the extension is completely unusable, with broken UI blocking all use, and that Lastpass themselves show no interest in the problem.

    One star is about right.
  • Très pratique ! Je ne sais pas ce que ça donne niveau sécurité mais c'est toujours mieux que de laisser trainer ses mots de passe sur un "post-it" ;)
  • Only have to remember 1 password, for the web, at least. Also, keeps a lot of important information for me... and, the price is VERY reasonable.
  • Continua a chiedermi di aggiornare l'estensione ma non effettua l'aggiornamento e pur cancellandola e reinstallandola mi chiede di aggiornarla...
  • This used to be a very good plugin, but now it just gives errors after errors, no logging me in and no proper error reporting capabilities.