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  • This is not a bad addon. It reads EPUB files like it says it does. But compared to the old addon, it has some issues caused by the new Firefox security. There is no longer a catalog of books that one has read in the past, so one can go back and continue reading that book. The Epubreader icon is only in the toolbar, and is no longer on the Tools menu of Firefox. I can't find any link to the Github project, I'm not sure it even has a Github project. There is no link in the toolbar icon to take one to the Mozilla addon page, the support page at http://www.epubread.com, or the Github page to enter issues.

    I've read several EPUB books so far with no issues. It just needs a bit more polish as the author had to start over and rewrite this for Firefox 54.

    When I make the Firefox window short and thin, then I can't see the bottom lines of the chapter. But this only happens when the FF window is too small. I'm going to have to use a standalone reader software because I can't find an addon that works with my ebooks.

    EDIT: There are some EPUBs that are made by Pandoc which EPUBreader has a problem with. The problem is EPUBReader does not show the last few lines of the EPUB chapter if the Firefox window is not wide enough. This problem seems to stem from any EPUBs made by Pandoc.
  • It's a shame, first the author kept begging and begging with popup screens for funding his kickstarter (even though it said it would only show once). The kickstarter succeeded, the new version is here. But it's terrible. In every way. The UI is a complete mess, downloading epubs doesn't even work on most browsers, the controls are even worse and try to emulate touchscreen controls on a desktop (WHY??) It's a big disappointment.
  • Cette nouvelle version n'accomplit pas ce qu'offrait l'ancienne version. L'interface est mal pensé et rend la lecture désagréable. Il n'y a plus de catalogue des epubs possibles. Je suis déçue.
  • Glad to see this move to a webextension and have a future beyond Firefox 57.
  • The current version of this add-on has serious flaws with both the UI and its operation. I'm had to switch back to using which is available if you look in version history. The older version is very nice and much more usable.
  • La nouvelle version est nulle. On perd tous les avantages de l’ancienne et on en gagne aucun.
    Il ne faut surtout pas l'installer !
  • I've used the EPUBReader for years and absolutely loved it. Now they've updated it and I'm looking for alternatives. This version is horrible. My catalogue is gone. I can't just click on a book anymore, every time I want to read a new book, I have to search for it on my computer.
    I also can't just click on a epub download and it opens automatically in the epubreader. Instead I have to save it, open the epubreader and then search for my book.
    The new layout is horrible as well. I can't change the layout anymore, or the font or the text size. Instead three entire book pages are squeezed into the screen next to each other. That's awful and does not encourage any reading.
    Seriously, what were you guys thinking? I will de-install this programm and NEVER use it again.
  • I've used Epubreader for years and it has always been reliable and so simple to use that even my non-tech-savvy grandma could figure it out. With the latest version, I can't even figure out how to save an ebook or where my ebook list went. I got the ever so helpful message that I can click on the center of the book and "save ebook" except there is no option for this. Ridiculous and absolutely NOT user friendly.
  • I loved the old addon because you can have a list of ebooks when you click on epub catalog.

    Now this new version is forcing me to open epubs everytime by clicking on that button in the middle of the screen.

    Before, you used to open epub by setting firefox as default. Not anymore with the new version! I am getting a save this file dialog when I do that with the new version.

    Not to mention, I have no idea how this thing even works. There is no user friendly way to access the options available for this addon.

    I uninstalled the new version and have gone back to old version.
  • The new version... hmm... catalogue has gone, or has been hidden well. So instead of the ease with epub I now - well until I downgraded - have to browse around hoping to find what I am looking for. Why did that go?
    Besides the new layout.. hmm... maybe fine if you read a book from one end to another, but not great for anything but that.
  • ...and that is the interface.
    Having read the instructions on the author's website I failed to open an EPUB document which I had in a folder. After reading some of the reviews and making several attempts I managed to read the book.
    I would have liked to be able to reopen the book and carry on reading without having to set a bookmark.

    It is evident that Firefox users are unhappy with the Add-on updates needed for the upcoming new requirements.
    It would be helpful if there was a mozillaZine Forum for this Add-on so that users and the author could interact publicly.
  • The app works flawlessly. The only thing I wish it had it's a better user interface. This would hands down dethrone Readium if it gets the work needed on the interface, and maybe integration with dictionary and translator. I'll be the first to donate if you could make that happen.
    Thanks for your review. Could you please send me some details what you mean by a better ui? You can contact me via epubread at gmail dot com.
  • The interface of the new version is counterintuitive - a single bar with a folder+arrow is inadequate. Other controls come up at the bottom but seemingly at random. The full menu should load at all times as in version 1.5.

    The new version takes up the entire page, won't open all epubs (version 1.5 did), and displays an ugly address in the address bar.

    I have trouble selecting text in the new version and I will be darned if I can get the table of contents back on the left side.

    I feel badly for leaving this review, but I had to downgrade to 1.5 so I could read my books again.
  • If you are upset with the new version you can download the older version here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/epubreader/versions/

    I downloaded version 1.5, and it is working great just like it used to!
  • It became impossible to select text at the edges, because the reader thinks that I want to flip through the pages. In the column mode, the height of the add-ons is not taken into account. There is no more table of content on the right of the book. Everything became simply awful.
  • Hate to say it, but this update really sucks. I lost my bookmarks, I can't click on a file & automatically load it, and I can't see the Table of Contents to the side. Very unfriendly.
  • Okay, like everyone else here I was pretty frustrated when this didn't work with the new update. But after a frenzy of clicking I was able to get it working.

    Here's the trick:
    1) To open an ebook you have to first look for the open book in your browser toolbar.
    2) Click it JUST ONCE.
    3) Now click the page - NOT in the middle of the image, but in the middle of the page. Click just once, if you do it twice the toolbars, which are located on the top and bottom of the page, will go away.
    4) Click the button that stands for the table of contents. It looks like a tablet, or a page with writing on it.
    5) Now click the first chapter.
    6) Enjoy!

    If you're like me and would rather read it on your Kindle- you still can. Just click the floppy disc image, download, and use your favorite converter (I like online-convert.com).

    Good luck!
  • As I need to google search a lot(c++ dev) I need firefox always open. Having a lightweight but fully feature epub reader on a "tab" is just awesome.

  • The best epub reader i have used until now!
  • Epub Reader is a handy add-on. I'd like to see two things added to it which would make it even better. One is to display page numbers and also to make it searchable with ctrl-f.
  • Up to now, I used some crappy standalone freeware program (coolreader) for epub files. This addon is so much better!
  • Very nice. As advertised.
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