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  • muy bueno
  • проблема с кодировками текста
  • Der Reader zeigt nur das cover eines epub an, die gleiche Datei kann auf meine Android tablet ohne Probleme gelesen werden
    Entfernen und Neuinstallation hat das Problem behoben, läuft jetzt bestens.
  • facile et automatique
  • Lesen am PC ist sehr mühsam damit / Reading on PC is not easy
  • The earlier version is lovely - the lack of obvious links in the main page is a problem, the links to working versions may be there and it's possible I haven't seen them but this is part of the definition of 'no OBVIOUS' links! No add-on developer should be collaborating in this desire to herd the sheeple into auto-update braindeath, "Automatically update" == "oh yes master developer I trust you to run anything you like on my system anytime you feel like it" Or, in my case NOT.

    Your earlier version is lovely, you should be making it obviously available and telling people that Firefox 52 ESR is perfectly functional, with none of the RUSTbucket crippling the Chrome-Crazy development team want to inflict!

    All the good add-ons work ok on Firefox 52, if you get 52.2.0 then you may need to alter about:config to force it not to complain about version numbers (do a websearch!) but otherwise it's equally lovely.
  • very useful addon.is this available for google chrome,opera,safari and others.
  • Not working in last Firefox. Epub file only donwloads not open in extencion.
  • Es un magnífico programa, y no encuentro ninguno que se aproxime en calidad y diseño, y lo que es una pena es que los usuarios de WindowsXP, a los que Mozilla ya no ofrece actualizaciones, no podamos usar la extensión por estar pensada para Mozilla +53.

    Sería estupendo poderlo seguir utilizando.
  • An epub library interface is necessary!
    For example, now i've to search the ebook in a directory full of other titles whenever is necessary to open it again. It's a little disgrace.
    My solution:
    - Install Firefox ESR 52.0 portable
    - Install EPUBReader version
    VOILÀ! Back to practicality.
  • 界面太丑了
  • It used to be a great add-on till they changed it all.
    Now you don't have a visible index on the left side like you used to have, you can't just switch to another chapter that easy anymore or see where you are at, you need to to go to the index button first to make the index visible and if you want to further read your last page you have to close the index again. It is not possible to see the index and the page you want to read simultaneously. A sidebar would be way better than an autohide bar or at least the choice between those two and not just the autohide bar this add-on has now. I also can't just click on a epub download and it opens automatically in the epubreader, instead I have to save it, go to firefox open the epubreader and then search for my book which is really annoying and not user friendly.
    The older version is great and much more usable, this new one has too much flaws.
  • Now now my favorite EPUB reader. Fast, accurate, lightweight. Uncluttered interface.