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  • Still getting the CR-unblocker couldn't get session id problem, even tried it on opera and it has the same issue

    Edit: seems to be working again
  • "CR-Unblocker couldn't get a session id"

    Edit: Now it is working again!
  • Makes a crunchyroll sub worth it. Would donate if I could to support development! Please fix the latest problems <3
  • Wonderful Addon!
    But I have a problem that is hopefully fixed soon.
    For a few days now the Addon isnt working and is failing to change the session to an American one
    Would you mind testing again? There were some failing Requests to the server, but it's looking good now!
  • Good addon, only stopped working now due to sessionID changes on CR's part. Hoping for an update soon, only use it for one series. Hoping for a fast update!
  • hi, i used this add-on everyday, but for some reason it stops working and get the message cr-Unblocker couldn't get a session Id. can you guys look into this? really wana watch one piece again :D
    thanks anyway for you great ADD-ON
  • I wish i could use it, i really do, but when i download it and i go on crunchyroll i get pop up messages about it not working on the site.
    Now solved by the dev. Thanks for quick response and fix! :)
    Hi there! There were some failing requests on the unblocker server. It seems to be working for now again :)
  • i love it. have been able to acctualy use crunchyroll with this. but as of january 27 2020 crunchyroll has uppdated and this extension seems to not work anymore. hope this gets uppdated soon to work again
  • Works for me in Europe
  • Working as of 2019-09-21 Thank you ♥
  • 不适合
    Hey, could you tell me what doesn't work for you? As far as I can tell the extension still does it's job.
  • Couldn't get a session id..
  • Works in Europe/Belgium
  • Es un add-on bueno cuando por temas de licencia no puedes ver anime en tu pais, es una alternativa a las VPN de pago, pero solo en Crunchyroll.com, no sirve en otras paginas.
  • It works!