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  • Wonderful plugin, works perfectly! Also fluent and no lag during buffering. Thank you!!!
  • Sadly makes shows visible, but the actual player won't load.
    Edit: Issue was Crunchyrolls (nonexistent?) HTML5 Player
  • Installed and works imediatly, no messing around.

    Also installed FF and added CR-Unblocker on Android aswell. Works perfectly on there.

    Now time to enjoy all thhe anime's im missing out on
  • Great!!! But, it doesn't work in a couple of days. I can't watch all the anime from the US.
  • Works as advertised, little to no customization, very easy to use. I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of anime it suddenly unlocked, I was browsing on UK VPN because of speed and the library was sad and empty compared to US.
  • It does its job.
  • Works amazingly , thanks to the dev <3 <3
  • Work in LatinAmerica :D
  • Its quick and it actually works, unlike a a lot of other unblockers/vpns.
  • Extreamly usefull, works like a charm
  • Not working with Addon "Multi Account Container"
    Could you check this out please.
    Hi, I am sorry, but making this compatible with other addons which change the behavior of the browser would be a lot of work. The reason is, that this extension needs to get a new session every time CR is accessed. This makes it nearly impossible to use with multiple accounts.
  • Does its job
  • Works pretty well and on first attempt. No performance loss as far as I can tell and a better alternative then VPN
  • It does what it says and solves the geo-limitation problem
  • Thanks for bring this addon finally to Firefox.

    It's work perfect
  • Unlocked region restricted shows for me.