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  • Doesn't work anymore..
    Crunchyroll seems to have changed something on their side. Look at this Add-ons description for more info.
  • Es funktioniert leider nicht mehr. Die meisten Animes sind leider nicht mehr aufrufbar. Sobald es wieder funktioniert gibt es 5 Sterne, denn ich finde dieses Tool sehr gut und ist ein Muss.
    Leider scheint Crunchyroll nun weitere Überprüfungen zum Land des Nutzers durchzuführen. Ich habe in der Beschreibung dieser Erweiterung einen workaround beschrieben. Ist leider nicht optimal, aber zumindest etwas!
  • Love this extension, got in in chrome when it was up. Recently I can only access restricted shows through the simulcast page, but when selecting the actual show page (not episode page) its locked again.
  • good
  • Not working sometimes. Beside that it's awesome
  • Its a great addon, Have used it for over a year. Doesn't work at the moment however. (Session id problem)
  • Throughout 2 months when I've been using this plugin everything worked ok. Today when I visited CR there is an error occurring which says "CR-unblocker Couldn't get a session id".
    EDIT: After one day everything works great. Idk. why there's not any reply button.
    Edit: Happy it works for you again :) Enjoy your shows!

    This should only happen when the extension cannot reach any of the API Servers. For me it looks like it's running (again?). Could you please try it once more? If it still doesn't work I'll try to find a solution to this.
  • Wonderful plugin, works perfectly! Also fluent and no lag during buffering. Thank you!!!
  • Sadly makes shows visible, but the actual player won't load.
    Edit: Issue was Crunchyrolls (nonexistent?) HTML5 Player
  • Installed and works imediatly, no messing around.

    Also installed FF and added CR-Unblocker on Android aswell. Works perfectly on there.

    Now time to enjoy all thhe anime's im missing out on
  • Great!!! But, it doesn't work in a couple of days. I can't watch all the anime from the US.
  • Works as advertised, little to no customization, very easy to use. I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of anime it suddenly unlocked, I was browsing on UK VPN because of speed and the library was sad and empty compared to US.
  • It does its job.
  • Works amazingly , thanks to the dev <3 <3