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  • If more settings' functionality was available when clicking the addon icon in our browser bar it would be just pure perfection.
  • A absolutely must have extension. Unfortunately it is not updated and cause malfunction on some pages like this one
    (thumbnails of videos do not load)
    IMO that should be a build in firefox feature not an extension.
    That alone, that this extension is no longer updated, is reason enough for me to consider switching to chrome.
  • Must install for students and anyone who watches video essays, tutorials, animatic story times o&r any content where someone is talking.
    Side effect: may skew your perception of time.
    11/10, Should be part of vanilla YouTube/Browsers.
  • Could you please add pause video shortcut? Thanks!
  • It is not your extension. it stopped working.
    I rebooted everything reinstalled , no good. Then I tried the flash player controls and it does not work either. chrome works fine. i think it may be firefox. can you help me out on this