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  • Works great, does exactly what I wanted it to, except for one thing:

    When the add-on is enabled, I can't play two videos at the same time (say, I have two YouTube tabs open for, say, a podcast with no background music and background music). I don't know why; I don't know if that's a bug or a feature, but if it's a feature, it's a bad one, and I'd at least like to see an option to disable that.

    If it is a bug, please fix it. I'm adding it as an issue on your GitHub.

    Keep up the good work, though. Again, I gave this a 4/5 for a reason.
  • Very usefull addon, but I'm having a issue. IDK why but this addon is making it impossible to load some sites. And it happens only at Firefox, e.g. for acess this site: https://www.noalvo.com/ I have to disable the addon, If I turn it on, the site dosen't load... I'm also thinking that the addon is responsable to use a lot of ram memory
  • Now I can't live without this
  • Tolles Werkzeug um den Speed einzustellen.
  • great
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  • I do not like using keyboard. I like my mouse. Also, put the controls together with the YouTube's controls. I mean, add x3 to YouTube's standard set of buttons. i do not like any additional icons in my browser. Just mix your soft with YouTube's GUI in the browser window.
    With Video Speed Controller you can control the speed of any HTML5 video on any website not just on Youtube.
  • I absolutely love this add-on. It's one of my favorites. Unfortunately Firefox has an issue with the audio on sped up videos. It's not the fault of the add-on. I really hope it gets fixed soon. I've been using this extension for a long time on Chrome.
  • 黎巴嫩的香柏樹 人們所喜悅的 fire fox 擴充套件... ... . Google API 、 在地嚮導 實惠引介 ! 笑容 !
  • 5 star if you can make 4x speed tickable