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  • Just a great extension that I use on a daily basis!
  • Hi Daniel. Why do you need my permission to do, read and modify downloads?

    EDIT: Thanks for the answer :) changing the review.
    Hi there! Some permissions are a very strange thing in SSS and they lead to doubt from users (understandably!). :) The main culprits are the permissions for downloads and web navigation, which are both related to very simple things that have almost nothing to do with downloads or web navigation.

    The first one, from your question, is needed simply for saving/reading your SSS preferences to/from a file on your computer (at your request by clicking a button in the options page). This is in the domain of "downloads" and needs this permission.

    The web navigation permission (you didn't ask but it's still important to make clear) was needed to fix a problem with the popup not working in pages with nested frames. Unfortunately the only way I could fix that problem requires the permission to detect when a page/frame finishes loading. This link has more information: https://github.com/CanisLupus/swift-selection-search/issues/69

    I hope that makes it clear. :) Rest assured that SSS does not otherwise read or modify your downloads, does not care about what sites you use, and does not send your data anywhere (except perhaps in the future sending your preferences to Firefox Sync, but still only if you wish to do that).

  • Has promise but it only brings 4 search engines and does not explain well how to ad custom. It should add alot more for you to add like Amazon pintrest thepiratebay ect..
    Hey there!

    Sorry to hear that I'm not explaining how to add engines very well. :(

    SSS only includes a few search engines as (working) examples. You can import all search engines you use in your browser, for example, and then you can even add custom engines. Everything is explained under the instructions section of the add-on's options page. If you feel confused after reading those, please feel free to contact me at daniel.rb.lobo+sss@gmail.com and I'll try to understand the problem and explain as best as I can. :)

    I can't add your browser engines automatically without user intervention because of browser limitations, and I don't add more than the basic 4 because then people would start asking for many many many engines that are not present, when they really should add those that they use. :)

    I hope this makes sense!

    All the best,
  • Read the Update below.

    An excellent enhancement extension for Firefox Quantum. I use to use DictionarySearch to do the same thing but that addon had very limited functionality compared to the much more powerful SSS. However, using this with 59.0.2 doesn't allow you to Open a Search in a New Tab or Window for some reason though the options are available within SSS. A bug perhaps with the latest SSS and/or Firefox? Otherwise i would be rating this 5 stars instead of 4.

    Update: changed my original rating from 4 stars to 5 stars because the developer worked with me closely in troubleshooting the issue I had and helped me resolve it. It was my own folly... I needed to change the Open New Tab behavior in the Popup behavior menu and not the Context Menu options. The extension now works perfectly. My first 5 star rating for the new age of Quantum. All hail SSS!
    UPDATE: "All hail SSS!" haha Thank you very much! ;)

    Hey, thanks for the review! :) I've replied to you (it is you, right? :P) on the issues page of GitHub. If the option is the correct one and there's another problem I'll try to find what it is. :)
  • This is an essential extension. Very useful.

    I would like to note, however, that the Youtube search icon disappeared from the pop-up. It used to work fine for a long time. All the other search engines show up fine except for Youtube for some reason.
    I hope the dev will look into this issue.


    Thank you for trying to help.

    The issue has been resolved by disabling "Fanboy Annoyances" list in the Ad blocker.

    This is now a perfect extension once again.
    UPDATE: Glad it works now! The Fanboy Annoyances list is the nemesis of SSS icons, and I forgot it once again. ;)


    Hi there and thank you for the review! :)

    Could you tell me what is the URL for the icon and for the search (in the SSS settings)?

    On Firefox 59, I am using the default YouTube icon I include with SSS (among others) and it appears to be working normally here. Icons not showing is usually due to some difference in a configuration. If you have more details I can try to pinpoint the problem. :)

    Please reply to daniel.rb.lobo+sss@gmail.com if you can, because the notifications for these reviews are unreliable!

  • at the moment , it seems i was looking!
  • Very usefull and well done - Thank you :-)
  • FINAL UPDATE: The problem described below has been just FIXED by Mr. Cool Developer here. It was related to the right clicking bound to my mouse gestures. If you have the same problem, just untick the new "Hide popup on right click" option. Cheers!

    UPDATE: Thanks man, but I have the "Hide popup..." option deactivated since day one, and that works ONLY if I don´t leave the tab I´m doing my search from.

    My problem lies whenever I go back to that original tab (after not being able to find what I´m searching for in the background tabs), so the text stays selected, but the pop-up is NOT activated, which forces me to reselect the text which is already selected for the pop-up to reappear. Pretty inconvenient, TBH.

    Can´t you give us an option so the pop-up stays always open, even after we leave the original tab? (The only option I see to use the Ctrl+Shift+Space "shortcut", which is still far worse than just have it opened to begin with...)

    Dear Daniel,

    I already gave you a glowing review in the past, so I won´t repeat myself... ;)

    However, there´s just ONE problem with your addon that keeps bugging me time and again: I use the pop-up menu to search for things, and I always open them up in the background. Many times, though, I cannot find what I´m searching for just by using the most common search-engines, so I have to go back to the original tab to try different ones, where I ONLY have the original text selected, NOT the pop-up. As such, I´m forced to either right-click and search for other alternative search engines using the scrolling menu (which is highly inconvenient, compared to the pop-up menu) or I have to manually reselect the whole text for the pop-up to reappear, which is pretty inconvenient, compared to just clicking different icons.

    As such, I'd really like you to consider the possibility of giving us an option to have the pop-up menu to STAY OPEN even after we go back to the other original tab, otherwise, the whole user-friendly approach of having a pop-up menu goes down the drain whenever we have to go back to the aforementioned original tab.

    UPDATE: Hey! That's interesting... On my end, if I have the option off like you do, I can go to another tab and back and the popup will stay open. In fact, the only things that are supposed to close the popup are that option, scrolling (another option that can be disabled) and clicking elsewhere in the page. Switching tabs by itself shouldn't close the popup.

    Can you try disabling other extensions and see if the problem still happens? If it still does, it may be a bug in SSS that is triggered by some combination of options that I'm not seeing.

    If it is a bug, the best way to try and solve this would be to post an issue here: https://github.com/CanisLupus/swift-selection-search/issues or, if you'd prefer, reach me via daniel.rb.lobo+sss@gmail.com. With both of these I get notified. Unfortunately these reviews have somewhat inconsistent notifications. :)



    Hello! Thank you for sticking with SSS ;)

    If I understood the issue correctly, you should be able to fix it by deactivating the option that says "Hide popup on search engine click". With it off, the popup will stay open even after clicking the engines to search, and will stay open when you return to the tab. :) You can also force it to stay if you scroll the page, using the option above that one.

    If this does not work or if I understood the problem incorrectly please write me again.

    By the way, none of your previous suggestions were forgotten (I do have a list with everything, besides the "issues" page on GitHub), but I can't promise anything. ;)

  • it is a good extention, but i got some problem, it always open in this tab when i click the context menu, and even i change the setting it still 'open in this tab' could you fix it?

    oh, yes , Sorry , now it works good, my bad
    UPDATE: No problem! Glad we could sort it out! :)

    Hey there! :) Hmm, that is strange... I just tried "Context menu item click behaviour" with all possible settings and the context menu seems to respect them.

    Could it be that you are changing the left/middle mouse behaviour in the "Popup behaviour" section instead of the one for the "Context menu" section? That could explain it, because those are for the popup icons/engines, and not for the context menu. :)

    If it is correct, then we can try something else, if you don't mind. Can you try again with other add-ons disabled, to see if something else might be causing this? Thanks!

  • das ist perfect bro du bist super
  • I love this add-on! Been using it for months and no issues (except forgetting how to add non-standard/personalized search engines). I actually refused to upgrade Mozilla for a long time just because it lost this functionality. Now I can always upgrade to the latest version without losing my most-used functionality. Thank you, Danial Lobo!
    Thank you! :) You are quite welcome! SSS can be a little daunting at times, especially if you are first using it. If you ever forget something, the instructions in the addon options page (above the engines) might help, although they try to be very concise. Actually, if you have suggestions to improve the instructions please do tell me. :)