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  • must have add-on
  • I am loving this extension! Just wondering if you could add a user page or something where users can submit more examples (If something like this already exists, please let me know!)? A couple of things I'm looking for but haven't figured out just yet are how to have the selected text's hyperlinked url open as cached link [basically launch url as a google webcache search] or similarly open link as viewsource. Hope that somehow makes sense.
    Here's some dumb ones I use regularly, lol, if anyone cares. :D

    Google Dictionary:
    Google Playstore:
    Google Site:
    Google Images:
    DuckDuckGo Images:

    In any event, the app is awesome. Highly recommend!
    Thank you for the review and sorry for the late reply! There's no user list for this but from time to time I see if there are some more engines that make sense as defaults or as examples that come with SSS.

    These are good suggestions. Thanks for sharing them with everyone. :) I will think about the user list (actually added that to my to-do list), but it might be a little nightmare-ish to maintain with reasonable quality, so no promises! ;)

  • 非常好用,自定義常用搜尋引擎後,省掉不少時間
  • Last thing you need to ad: the possibility to disable the plug-in from a personal list of websites!
    Late reply, sorry! I'll add this to my list of tasks for evaluation. ;)

    Thanks for the review!
  • Hope author build-in the (https://www.google.com/search?q={searchTerms} site:{hostname})
    It's cool, but many people dont's know this. we don't need install addition addon like "Search Site WE"any more.
    此扩展可以搜索当前网站,添加 https://www.google.com/search?q={searchTerms} site:{hostname}
    这样就不用安装 Search Site WE这样的扩展的.
    Thank you for the review! Searching the "current website" was a suggestion from a user, and I was hoping to get more people to know about "hostname", so I added it as a default (but disabled to not cause confusion). :)

  • It simply wasn't quite what I was looking for. The popup was a bit annoying and in the way (and I didn't want it to show up just for highlighting text) and the context menu was inconvenient since you had to go through two menus to use it.
    I was looking for something that added a quick-search option to the right-click context menu as far up as possible.
    I can say that the plugin looks well designed, though, but it just didn't have the features I wanted :)
    UPDATE: I see, thanks for explaining! I'm not sure if you'll get a notification for this reply, but oh well.

    For the popup being annoying there are options to make it appear only when you click a key combination, or move it away from the cursor, for example. The options page has many of these. :)

    As for the context menu being a sub menu, unfortunately that's, as far as I know, a WebExtensions limitation that I can't do anything about :( (Unless there's a single search engine!) See this for more details: https://github.com/CanisLupus/swift-selection-search/issues/129

    But I understand. Thanks anyway!


    Hi! I'm replying to your review to ask: can tell me what you didn't like about SSS? Or did something not work correctly? Feedback is important to me. :)

    If you don't want to give info in the review, you can always shoot me an email at daniel.rb.lobo+sss@gmail.com if you have the time.

  • удобная вещь
  • i like this.. but i have a small problem with it.
    after the change and customize the setting and restart the browser all the change reset... its my problem or your extension?
    Hey, thanks for the review! :) Here it's working well and no settings are reset when restarting the browser. Maybe your Firefox is having problems each time it starts? Try seeing if other addons (that don't use Firefox Sync) also reset when restarting.

  • The add-on is fantastic! Unfortunately I am too stupid to add Amazon, ebay, google maps and other sites to the search links. I just do not know how to find the right addresses (url). Unfortunately, Google could not help me either ;)
    Could this be added as an answer to my rating or can someone specify the url in their own review ... or is there a website where I can find them? Thank you
    Hi! Some search URLs are really hard. I also found Amazon and eBay URLs hard to decipher. Maybe this means that I should add more example search engines to SSS by default. :)

    I suggest you try these. I hope they help:

    Amazon.com (change .com to something else for other countries)

    Google Maps


    If something is wrong please email me at daniel.rb.lobo+sss@gmail.com. Conversations in reviews are not great for notifications. ;)

    Thank you very much for the review, by the way. It's really appreciated!

  • Excellent choice if you want a selection search that gives a lot of configuration options.