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  • Expansion can be and good, BUT it is necessary to add search plug-ins manually, it is a lot of unnecessary settings, and here in the Selection Context Search expansion everything is established automatically https://b.radikal.ru/b30/1907/9a/c048b4a524c8.jpg

    P.S. Dear Daniel, if you have time and an opportunity create here such plug-in to the addition, (that "SEARCH" automatic was added on any websites, as on a screenshot) then it the price will not be.
    Good luck! https://c.radikal.ru/c08/1907/19/4d077a9e4aea.jpg
    Hi there and thanks for the review! :)

    I understand, but it's hard for me to maintain a decent list of search engines up to date for SSS's users, so I prefer if people add their own engines. You can also import the ones you use in the browser. People suggested creating a webpage where users could add the engines they are using, like a Wiki, though that would also have to be moderated and it's really hard to do that in my free time.

    Regarding the unnecessary settings, I also don't use most of the options, but almost all were user-suggested via email, GitHub or in reviews, so someone is finding them useful. ;) If you have ideas about what to do about them without removing them, I accept feedback!

  • Despite the fact the title introduces a small factor of ambiguity about what is actually doing, this add-on is really GREAT!
    It offers the absolutely necessary functionality and flexibility, which, probably, ought to be available in Firefox, just "out of the box".
    Excellent work. Thanks!
  • Very useful extension! I use it all the time for almost everything I search. I can search in Ebay and have the results classified by prices and by sells only. Same thing for Amazon.
  • please help me write search engines for virustotal
    Hi and thanks for the review! :)

    A few hours ago, after reading your review, I was checking out how VirusTotal worked and saw that it did some "double" encoding of the search in a way that was very cumbersome to reproduce in SSS, even using replacements in searchTerms.

    So I decided to add a new function that mimics the usual URL encoding, which it seems to be using.

    SSS version 3.33.0 is currently in review. It will possibly take a few days for Mozilla reviewers to take a look at it, but when it arrives you should be able to use this for VirusTotal:

    NOTE: this does not work yet, only when version 3.33.0 is available.

  • One of the most helpful and reliable extensions for Firefox. It's simple and highly customizable. I recommend it to all. Five stars!
  • doesnt disappear auto when click anywhere on page (it should). need to scroll the page , is stuck on some pages . this is annoying.

    It should indeed disappear. :) Can you please try it with all other addons disabled? It could be a bug, but since it's working for me and there were no other reports of this problem, I would like to rule out interference from other addons first.

    Please let me know at daniel.rb.lobo+sss@gmail.com if the problem persists (notifications in the reviews can be weird).

  • отлично спасибо ,очень полезная вещь .
  • Amazing! It should serve as standard of a properly written add-on for other developers. Small feature suggestion: add an option for appending selection to clipboard. This could be a real click-saver and a replacement for addons like "AddMoreTextToClipboard" or "Text MultiCopy". It could have the following options:
    1. Append to clipboard (no separator)
    2. Append to clipboard (add line break)
    3. Append to clipboard (add double line break)
    4. Clear clipboard.
    Thank you very much for the review! :) The suggestions were noted down. A few users have suggested more features related to the clipboard as well, so these will be analyzed in conjunction. Most of them require the permission to read from the clipboard, which some users will find alarming. I'll have to check this. ;)

  • hello and thanks for this good add on. is there any way that i can sync search bar of firefox with the sss context menu. I imported the search.json.mozlz4 but I want when change the order of engines and add some new ones, the searchbar synces with that. what should i do? is it possible at all? i get an export file but I didnt know what should i do...
    Hello and thank you for the review. :)

    If I understand correctly, you want to add new engines and change their order in SSS but then have those same changes happen in the browser's engines. Is that it? If so, this is not possible. The browser engines work in a different way than SSS engines. They are completely separate things after importing them into SSS. As for the export function in SSS, it is only used for backing up your settings (you can also use Sync).

    If I understood incorrectly please send me an email to daniel.rb.lobo+sss@gmail.com. The notifications for these reviews might not be the best. :)

  • I have tested several similar addon, and this has everything I needed. Great addon.
  • Excellent extension, just two very, very minor suggestions. 1) Could you add a maximum character limit option to the auto-popup. You already have a minimum limit, and personally, I'd rather not have the thing pop up when I'm copying a whole paragraph. 2) I couldn't find this extension when looking for "context search" in the addon library, so maybe improve your SEO in the
    Thank you for the review! I don't know why I didn't think about the maximum limit but this is why I like user suggestions. :) It makes a lot of sense. I have been away from SSS development for a while but when I return (soon™) I'll add that.

    Regarding the SEO for context search, maybe that's also because there are a lot of extensions with context search in the title (which will match more strongly), but you are right, I should try to get it to appear for that search if possible. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

  • Best one I've found.